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dotfiles - My dotfiles

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This repo serves as a master collection of all my dotfiles. Each grouping has its own folder here. The install script will install all of the appropriate files for the platform to their respective place. The Makefile will attempt to determine your platform automatically and install the right files. You can override this by specifying the platform specifically in the make command (e.g., make OSX). Or you can install specific packages with make as well (e.g., make tmux).

MacOS-Config - Simple Shell Scripts I Use To Tweak MacOS To My Liking.

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Simple shell scripts I use to tweak MacOS to my liking. I likely dont know what I am doing and this could be done faster, better and simpler some other way. These scripts could also break your MacBook and make you cry.

iterm-fish-fisherman-osx - Complete guide and Bash script to install Command Line Tools + Homebrew + iTerm2 + Fish Shell + Fisherman + Plugins for development purposes

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This guide is targeted for those, who wants to have a nice UI in the terminal with the rich features. Please, raise your issue if something strange happened. I'd like to improve this script, so it could work without any errors during the installation.

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