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osrm-backend - Open Source Routing Machine - C++ backend

  •    C++

High performance routing engine written in C++14 designed to run on OpenStreetMap data. To quickly try OSRM use our demo server which comes with both the backend and a frontend on top.

leaflet-routing-machine - Control for routing in Leaflet

  •    Javascript

Go to the Leaflet Routing Machine site for more information, demos, tutorials and more. Leaflet Routing Machine is in many ways already a feature complete routing UI. Most likely, your requirements are already covered and require very little adaptation.

osrm-isochrone - Generate drivetime isochrones from OpenStreetMap data using OSRM

  •    Javascript

Generate drive-time isochrones from OpenStreetMap data using OSRM.The output will be in GeoJSON format.

mapbox-gl-directions - Directions plugin for mapbox-gl-js using Mapbox Directions API.

  •    Javascript

A full featured directions plugin for Mapbox GL JS using the Mapbox Directions API. Quickly add UI to display driving, cycling, or walking directions on the map. The Mapbox Directions API is powered by the OSRM routing engine and open data from the OpenStreetMap project.For directions functionality in native mobile and desktop applications, see Mapbox Android Services, MapboxDirections.swift, and MapboxNavigation.swift.


  •    Swift

MapboxDirections.swift makes it easy to connect your iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS application to the Mapbox Directions API. Quickly get driving, cycling, or walking directions, whether the trip is nonstop or it has multiple stopping points, all using a simple interface reminiscent of MapKit’s MKDirections API. The Mapbox Directions API is powered by the OSRM routing engine and open data from the OpenStreetMap project.Despite its name, MapboxDirections.swift works in Objective-C and Cocoa-AppleScript code in addition to Swift 4.

node-isochrone - NodeJS isochrone map library

  •    Javascript

Isochrone maps are commonly used to depict areas of equal travel time. Build isochrones using OSRM, Turf and concaveman. See API for more info.

osrm - :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Shortest Paths and Travel Time from OpenStreetMap with R

  •    R

OSRM is a routing service based on OpenStreetMap data. See http://project-osrm.org/ for more information. This package allows to compute distances (travel time and kilometric distance) between points and travel time matrices. This package relies on the usage of a running OSRM service (tested with v5.18.0 of OSRM).

osrm-frontend - Modular rewrite of the OSRM frontend using LRM

  •    Javascript

This is the frontend served at https://map.project-osrm.org. This frontend builds heavily on top of Leaflet Routing Machine. If you need a simple OSRM integration in your webpage, you should start from there. The easiest and quickest way to setup your own routing engine backend is to use Docker images we provide. We base our Docker images on Alpine Linux and make sure they are as lightweight as possible.


  •    Swift

OSRM Text Instructions is a library for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS applications written in Swift 4 or Objective-C that transforms OSRM route responses into localized text instructions. The last tagged version for Swift 3.2 is v0.5.0 and the code is also available on the branch swift3.2. You can use OSRM Text Instructions in conjunction with MapboxDirections.swift and MapboxNavigation.swift to generate visual and voice guidance in a turn-by-turn navigation application.

osrm.js - REST client for the OSRM server API

  •    Javascript

Client library for Open Source Routing Machine - OSRM that uses the REST http API that is exposed by osrm-routed. The interface is compatible with node-osrm. However it is not meant as replacement for node-osrm on the server.