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Reconnoitre - A security tool for multithreaded information gathering and service enumeration whilst building directory structures to store results, along with writing out recommendations for further testing

  •    Python

A reconnaissance tool made for the OSCP labs to automate information gathering and service enumeration whilst creating a directory structure to store results, findings and exploits used for each host, recommended commands to execute and directory structures for storing loot and flags. This tool is based heavily upon the work made public in Mike Czumak's (T_v3rn1x) OSCP review (link) along with considerable influence and code taken from Re4son's mix-recon (link). Virtual host scanning is originally adapted from teknogeek's work which is heavily influenced by jobertabma's virtual host discovery script (link). Further Virtual Host scanning code has been adapted from a project by Tim Kent and I, available here (link).

VHostScan - A virtual host scanner that performs reverse lookups, can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, work around wildcards, aliases and dynamic default pages

  •    Python

A virtual host scanner that can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages. First presented at SecTalks BNE in September 2017 (slidedeck). Dependencies will then be installed and VHostScan will be added to your path. If there is an issue regarding running python3 setup.py build_ext, you will need to reinstall numpy using pip uninstall numpy and pip install numpy==1.12.0. This should resolve the issue as there are sometimes issues with numpy being installed through setup.py.

Vanquish - Vanquish is Kali Linux based Enumeration Orchestrator

  •    Python

Vanquish is a Kali Linux based Enumeration Orchestrator built in Python. Vanquish leverages the opensource enumeration tools on Kali to perform multiple active information gathering phases. The results of each phase are fed into the next phase to identify vulnerabilities that could be leveraged for a remote shell. CTRL + C to exit an enumeration phase and skip to the next phase (helpful if a command is taking too long) Vanquish will skip running a command again if it sees that the output files already exist. If you want to re-execute a command, delete the output files (.txt,.xml,.nmap etc.) and run Vanquish again.

awesome-oscp - A curated list of awesome OSCP resources


To the extent possible under law, Adel "0x4D31" Karimi has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

Windows-Privilege-Escalation - Windows Privilege Escalation Techniques and Scripts

  •    Batchfile

My big 'Ol List of Windows Privilege Escalation Techniques and Scripts sorted by difficultly (Easy, Medium, Hard). Passwords Passwords can be one of the easiest methods of privledge escalation and there are some tools that can help with this process.

cuttlefish - dynamic parallelized host enumeration in golang

  •    Go

cuttlefish has morphed from my original intention of a host-distributed webapp enumeration tool, into an automated scanning tool for single-host penetration testing. I am going to enroll in OffSec's PWK to prepare for taking the OSCP, and want to have a tool that will help me perform automated host enumeration. Additionally, I wanted to learn go from a practical project PoV. If you would like to install on a mac, install go, and perform the steps from the install script (post golang-installation) one at a time.

overflow - A command-line tool for exploiting stack-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

  •    Go

If you don't have a golang environment, or you just don't feel like building from source, you can check out the releases page for pre-built binaries. If you have a golang environment set up, you can use go get to fetch and install the binary in your $GOPATH/bin directory.

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