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alex - Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

  •    Javascript

📝 alex — Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing.Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing in text.

plupload - Plupload is JavaScript API for building file uploaders

  •    Javascript

Plupload is a cross-browser multi-runtime file uploading API. Basically, a set of tools that will help you to build a reliable and visually appealing file uploader in minutes. Historically, Plupload comes from a dark and hostile age of no HTML5, hence all the alternative fallbacks, like Flash, Silverlight and Java (still in development). It is meant to provide an API, that will work anywhere and in any case, in one way or another. While having very solid fallbacks, Plupload is built with the future of HTML5 in mind.

react-native-orientation - Listen to device orientation changes in react-native and set preferred orientation on screen to screen basis

  •    Objective-C

Listen to device orientation changes in React Native applications and programmatically set preferred orientation on a per screen basis. Works on both Android and iOS. Please note that you still need to manually configure a couple files even when using automatic linking. Please see the 'Configuration' section below. You will also need to restart your simulator before the package will work properly.

devtools-detect - Detect if DevTools is open and its orientation

  •    HTML

Useful for when you want something special to happen when DevTools is open. Like pausing canvas, adding style debug info, etc.Doesn't work if DevTools is undocked and will show false positive if you toggle any kind of sidebar.

Sizes - View your app on different device and font sizes

  •    Swift

Sizes reduces the time it takes to evaluate all of our apps possible device sizes, orientations and font combinations. With Sizes we'll avoid launching all the supported devices simulator, running our app and navigating through each screen manually which not only takes a lot of time but its also highly error prone since we sometimes forget to test one particular combination and we ship a screen with a layout bug to the App Store. To run the demo project, clone the repo and run Sizes target.

react-event-components - 🛰 A set of React components designed to handle global events (interval, keyboard, touch, mouse, etc)

  •    Javascript

A set of components designed as an idiomatic way of working with global, raw input (keyboard, mouse, touch, etc) in React. Call the handler everytime a key event happen.

atom-linter-alex - Linter plugin using alex to catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

  •    Javascript

Atom linter meets alex to catch potentially insensitive, inconsiderate writing.Issues regarding linter-alex should be opened in this repository. Please raise issues with alex on its repository.

cordova-plugin-device-orientation - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin device-orientation

  •    Javascript

With the W3C Device Orientation API now being supported on iOS, Android and Windows devices, this plugin is not needed any more. Migrating from this plugin to the W3C Device Orientation API is explained in this PhoneGap blog post.

cordova-plugin-screen-orientation - Mirror of Cordova Plugin Screen Orientation

  •    Javascript

Cordova plugin to set/lock the screen orientation in a common way for iOS, Android, and windows-uwp. This plugin is based on Screen Orientation API so the api matches the current spec.The orientation is in the primary portrait mode.

react-native-responsive-styles - React Native styles that respond to orientation change

  •    Javascript

Usage of StyleSheet.create is not required. Plain style objects will work as well, as long as you use the React components from this package.You can apply a LayoutAnimation to orientation changes. Valid animation values are spring, linear and easeInEaseOut.

loader - JavaScript image loader.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript image loader (translates Exif Orientation by canvas).You may set cropper options with new Loader(image, options).


  •    HTML

A simple way to force mobile users to view your site in portrait or landscape mode. Include this js file and it will replace your site with a friendly message until the users' device is in the proper orientation. View it in action over here (mobile device required to see it).

r2d3 - The R2D3 Robotics simulation project

  •    Python

R2D3 is a Free, Cross Platform, Generic Robotic Manipulator Simulator and Development Environment built using Blender and Python. It's main goal is to provide a simple but feature-rich platform for Educational & Research Usage. Much of it is currently Scorbot ER-V (From Intelitek) oriented though that situation will change in the near future. Blender and Python make an amazing combo! When I started this project I didn't understand either Blender or Python (but they both looked cool, and that opinion has only strengthened with familiarity). Without either of them this project would not exist.

orientation-listener - Listen to device orientation changes

  •    Javascript

Listen for device orientation changes. Initialize a new Listener.

orientationchangeend - The orientationchangeend event is fired when the orientation of the device has changed and the associated rotation animation has been complete

  •    Javascript

The orientationchangeend event is fired when the orientation of the device has changed and the associated rotation animation has been complete. orientationchange event is fired when the orientation of the device has changed.

robust-orientation - Robustly computes the orientation of a tuple of points

  •    Javascript

This implementation is robust in the sense that the answers returned are exact, but it is not fully adaptive. Basically an initial test is computed, and if the accuracy of this is too low then an exact version of the test is executed. Compared to Shewchuk's original C code this is slower, but eventually I hope to make improvements that bring the performance closer in line to his version. Exactly computes the orientation of a collection of (n+1) points in n-dimensions.