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athena - An automation platform with a plugin architecture that allows you to easily create and share services

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The key to optimize work is to automate as much as possible. Whether you are developing software, setting up infrastructure or even testing, if there is a chance to do it just take it.Most of the times the boring and frequent tasks can be automated. There are a lot of different tools and technologies that can help you with that, but sometimes starting is simply an hassle by itself and one might end up giving up and doing it "manually".

core-assisted-prescription - Qlik Core use case Assisted Prescription (also known as Custom Analytics)

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This repository contains the implementation of a medical data web application called Qliktive Assisted Prescription. Qliktive is a fictive company used to showcase different solutions built using Qlik Core. Qliktive Assisted Prescription provides some advanced analysis capabilities on drugs, treatments, and reactions. It targets the world-wide population of doctors. Even if the audience is more or less predictable, some seasonal or sudden epidemic events can affect the traffic.