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react-slick - React carousel component

  •    Javascript

For all available props, go here. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

orbit - Orbit - Virtual actor framework for building distributed systems

  •    Java

Orbit is a framework to write distributed systems using virtual actors on the JVM. It allows developers to write highly distributed and scalable applications while greatly simplifying clustering, discovery, networking, state management, actor lifetime and more. Orbit received the 2016 Duke's Choice Award for Open Source, read here for more information.

orbit - A distributed, serverless, peer-to-peer chat application on IPFS


A distributed, serverless, peer-to-peer chat application on IPFS. Status: Hold. Work on Orbit Chat is largely in other repositories, at the moment. This may change in the future.

orbit-controls - generic controls for orbiting a target in 3D

  •    Javascript

Generic controls for orbiting a target in 3D. Can be used to control a camera, a 3D ray, or anything with { position, direction }.Can be used with any camera abstraction that uses position and direction to form the view matrix, including ThreeJS, Babylon, stackgl, etc.

three-orbit-viewer - quick harness for viewing a mesh with orbit viewer

  •    Javascript

Quick harness to create a runnable demo for ThreeJS scenes. For a demo, see demo/test.js or three-gl-state-example.This module exports a function which accepts the THREE instance, and returns a new function which creates the orbit viewer with the specified options.

canvas-orbit-camera - An alternative wrapper for orbit-camera that works independently of game-shell

  •    Javascript

An alternative wrapper for orbit-camera that works independently of game-shell.Based heavily on game-shell-orbit-camera.

three-orbit-controls - orbit controls for ThreeJS

  •    Javascript

ThreeJS OrbitControls as an npm module. See test for an example.This module exports a function which accepts an instance of THREE, and returns an OrbitControls class. This allows you to use the module with CommonJS, globals, etc.

p5.EasyCam - A p5.js library for easy 3D camera control.

  •    Javascript

Simple 3D camera control for p5js and the WEBGL/P3D renderer. This library is a derivative of the original PeasyCam Library by Jonathan Feinberg and combines new useful features with the great look and feel of the original version.


  •    Javascript

A camera control for three.js, similar to THREE.OrbitControls yet supports smooth transitions and es6 import. Rotate azimuthal angle(theta) and polar angle(phi) to a given point.

orbit-camera - Orbit camera for 3D scenes

  •    Javascript

Move the camera to look at the new position. Applies a rotation to the camera. cur and prev are the state of the previous locations. These can be pairs of 2D arrays representing the mouse coordinates in distance relative to the center of the sceen.

three-orbitcontrols-ts - ThreeJS OrbitControls as a standalone and typescript compatible npm module

  •    TypeScript

ThreeJS OrbitControls as a standalone and typescript compatible npm module. All credit goes to OrbitControls.js contributors.

orb - orb is a library for simple orbital mechanics

  •    Javascript

orb offers a few simple methods for several common problems of orbital mechanics, like transformations between various coordinate systems and simple orbit propagation using Keplerian elements.

spacetrack - Simple node.js library for the Space-Track.org REST API

  •    Javascript

Simple node.js library for the Space-Track.org REST API. You need login credentials for Space-Track. Available upon request and approval here.

smd - Space Mission Design - A SPICE-enhanced continuous thrust interplanetary mission propagator and vizualizer

  •    Go

Space Mission Design allows one to perform an initial space mission design, around a given celestial body or between celestial bodies. This package was written to support my thesis and my astrodynamics courses (ASEN 6008 Space Mission Design / Interplanetary Mission Design) at the University of Colorado Boulder.

termtrack - Track satellites in your terminal

  •    Python

Requires Python 3.3+ and a terminal with 256 colors. A black background is highly recommended. Credit goes to vain/asciiworld for inspiration and some tasty pieces of code.

upm-package-cinemachine - Smart camera tools for passionate creators

  •    CSharp

Cinemachine is a suite of ‘smart’ procedural modules which allow you to define the shot and they’ll dynamically follow your direction. Set up shots which track and compose motion in realtime, like AI camera operators. The procedural nature makes them bug-resistant as they always work to make the shot based on your direction. They’re great for gameplay, but they’re also amazingly fast for cutscenes. Change an animation, a vehicle speed, ground terrain - whatever - and Cinemachine will dynamically make the shot. You can use really telephoto lenses and not have to update the cutscene if things change. Cinemachine works out of the box with no dependencies other than Unity itself. Just install it and you're ready to go. It's pure c-sharp, fully open-source, and the public API has complete XML documentation built right in.

orbit-electron - Orbit Electron App

  •    Javascript

Desktop App for Orbit. Currently works in OSX and Linux. We're working on Windows support.