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imagemin-optipng - optipng plugin for imagemin

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for a Buffer.Select an optimization level between 0 and 7.

express-processimage - Express middleware that processes served images according to the query string

  •    Javascript

Middleware that processes images according to the query string. Intended to be used in a development setting with the connect.static middleware, but should work with any middleware further down the stack, even an http proxy. Important note: This module is intended for development. You're strongly discouraged from using it in production or with any kind of untrusted input. Parts of the query string will be passed directly to various command line tools.

node-optipng - The optipng utility as a readable/writable stream

  •    Javascript

The optipng command line utility as a readable/writable stream. This is handy for situations where you don't want to worry about writing the input to disc and reading the output afterwards. If you don't have an optipng binary in your PATH, node-optipng will try to use one of the binaries provided by the node-optipng-bin package.

optimise-images - Batch image resizer, optimiser and profiler using ImageMagick convert, OptiPNG, JpegOptim and optional ZopfliPNG, Guetzli and MozJPEG

  •    Shell

Batch jpg, jpeg and png image resizer, optimiser and image profiler using ImageMagick convert, OptiPNG, JpegOptim and optional Mozilla MozJPEG, ZopfliPNG and Google Guetzli (work in progress for Guetzli). Profile original images via script's profile flag and pass the directory path to the directory containing the images you want to optimise /home/nginx/domains/domain.com/public/images. This is your baseline to compare resizing and optimisations applied to images using above default variable parameters.