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yargs - yargs the modern, pirate-themed successor to optimist.

  •    Javascript

Having problems? want to contribute? join our community slack.Yargs be a node.js library fer hearties tryin' ter parse optstrings.

node-optimist - Light-weight option parsing for node.js

  •    Javascript

I don't want to maintain this module anymore since I just use minimist, the argument parsing engine, directly instead nowadays.See yargs for the modern, pirate-themed successor to optimist.

node-dashdash - A light, featureful and explicit option parsing library for node.js.

  •    Javascript

A light, featureful and explicit option parsing library for node.js.Why another one? See below. tl;dr: The others I've tried are one of too loosey goosey (not explicit), too big/too many deps, or ill specified. YMMV.

yargs-parser - :muscle: the mighty option parser used by yargs

  •    Javascript

The mighty option parser used by yargs.visit the yargs website for more examples, and thorough usage instructions.

command-router - A simple router and parser (using nopt) for CLI apps with multiple commands

  •    Javascript

Writing simple, composable modules makes it easy to have your applications functionality available in multiple contexts. command-router aims to help you expose that functionality by providing a simple way to define a CLI with multiple actions (like git). If your app only has one command (like curl for instance) you should use a [different module]]optimist instead of this one.

argh - argh is a extremely light weight option/argument/process

  •    Javascript

argh is an extremely light weight options or process.argv parser for node.js. It only includes the bare minimal to parse options. It's not a full blown cli library, but it can be used as a dependency of a cli library to do all the heavy lifting. argh was born out of rage, every cli library that we've found did more than they advertised and added unneeded bloat to what we were trying to achieve... and that was argument parsing. Tiny modules should only focus on one thing and do that one thing really well.

command-line-args - A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options.

  •    Javascript

A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options. To access the values, first create a list of option definitions describing the options your application accepts. The type property is a setter function (the value supplied is passed through this), giving you full control over the value received.

command-line-commands - Add a git-like command interface to your app.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight module to help build a git-like command interface for your app. Its job is to extract the command (the first argument, unless it's an option), check it's valid and either return it or throw. From there, you can parse the remaining args using your preferred option parser (e.g. command-line-args, minimist etc.).

neodoc - Beautiful, hand-crafted commandline interfaces for node.js

  •    PureScript

This implementation features error reporting, both for users and developers, reading values from environment variables, type coercion and much more. For an (in-)comprehensive comparison to the original, click here. To take neodoc for a ride, click here. A note to potential adopters and contributors: Neodoc is divided into two distinct parts — parsing the specification and parsing the argv, given the specificiation. Theoretically, the origin of the specification does not matter and the argv parser could be used standalone as it offers a more "correct" parse than most cli parsers out there, since it parses the input guided by the specification, rather than parsing the input and then matching it to the specification. See the "Features" section below. If neodoc finds adoption, I would not be surprised to see projects mimicking a yargs-like interface that use the neodoc parser, even though it somewhat defies the original idea of docopt.

ssr - Setting a directory to a static server

  •    Javascript

It provides a neat interface for listing the directory's contents and switching into sub folders. In addition, it's also awesome when it comes to serving static sites. If a directory contains an index.html, serve will automatically render it instead of serving directory contents, and will serve any .html file as a rendered page instead of file's content as plaintext.

argly - A flexible command line arguments parser that is easy to configure and offers robust type handling

  •    Javascript

A flexible and simple command line arguments parser that generates friendly help messages. An argument value of "true" or "false" is automatically converted to the corresponding boolean type. If a argument is prefixed with "no-" then it will be set to false.