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closure-compiler-js - Package for the JS version of closure-compiler for use via npm

  •    Javascript

Check, compile, transpile, optimize and compress JavaScript with Closure Compiler in JS

rollup - Next-generation ES6 module bundler

  •    Javascript

Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. It uses the new standardized format for code modules included in the ES6 revision of JavaScript, instead of previous idiosyncratic solutions such as CommonJS and AMD. ES6 modules let you freely and seamlessly combine the most useful individual functions from your favorite libraries. This will eventually be possible natively, but Rollup lets you do it today.Install with npm install --global rollup. Rollup can be used either through a command line interface with an optional configuration file, or else through its JavaScript API. Run rollup --help to see the available options and parameters. The starter project templates, rollup-starter-lib and rollup-starter-app, demonstrate common configuration options, and more detailed instructions are available throughout the user guide.

glsl-optimizer - GLSL optimizer based on Mesa's GLSL compiler

  •    C++

A C++ library that takes GLSL shaders, does some GPU-independent optimizations on them and outputs GLSL or Metal source back. Optimizations are function inlining, dead code removal, copy propagation, constant folding, constant propagation, arithmetic optimizations and so on. Apparently quite a few mobile platforms are pretty bad at optimizing shaders; and unfortunately they also lack offline shader compilers. So using a GLSL optimizer offline before can make the shader run much faster on a platform like that. See performance numbers in this blog post.

image-optimizer - Easily optimize images using PHP

  •    PHP

The image at $pathToImage will be overwritten by an optimized version which should be smaller. The package will automatically detect which optimization binaries are installed on your system and use them. Here are some example conversions that have been done by this package.

giflossy - Lossy GIF compressor (please report bugs/PRs to the gifsicle project)

  •    C

This is a fork of Gifsicle with lossy compression option. Gifsicle manipulates GIF image files. Depending on command line options, it can merge several GIFs into a GIF animation; explode an animation into its component frames; change individual frames in an animation; turn interlacing on and off; add transparency; add delays, disposals, and looping to animations; add and remove comments; flip and rotate; optimize animations for space; change images' colormaps; and other things.

booster - 🚀Optimizer for mobile applications

  •    Kotlin

Booster is an easy-to-use, lightweight, powerful and extensible quality optimization toolkit designed specially for mobile applications. The primary goal is to solve quality problems with the increase of APP complexity, such as performance, stability, and package size, etc. Booster provides a collection of modules for performance detection, multithreading optimization, resources index inline, redundant resources reduction, resources compression, system bug fixing, etc. Using booster, the stability of application can be increased by 15% ~ 25%, and the package size can be reduced by 1MB ~ 10MB.

Leanify - lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer

  •    C

Leanify is a lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer. It removes unnecessary data (debug information, comments, metadata, etc.) and recompress the file to reduce file size. It will not reduce image quality at all. I'm not respossible for any consequence of using Leanify.

nni - An open source AutoML toolkit for neural architecture search and hyper-parameter tuning.

  •    TypeScript

NNI (Neural Network Intelligence) is a toolkit to help users run automated machine learning experiments. The tool dispatches and runs trial jobs that generated by tuning algorithms to search the best neural architecture and/or hyper-parameters in different environments (e.g. local machine, remote servers and cloud). This command will start an experiment and a WebUI. The WebUI endpoint will be shown in the output of this command (for example, http://localhost:8080). Open this URL in your browser. You can analyze your experiment through WebUI, or browse trials' tensorboard.

Open Source Compiler, Optimizer and Interpreter for a C-Like Language


Here, you can download an open-source compiler, optimizer and multi-core code generator for a C-like language and modify it in order to meet your requirements.

uglify-js-brunch - A javascript minifier for brunch files.

  •    Javascript

Adds UglifyJS support to brunch.The plugin will minify your javascript files.

clean-css-cli - The command line interface to clean-css CSS optimizer

  •    Javascript

clean-css-cli is a command-line interface to clean-css - fast and efficient CSS optimizer for Node.js.Previously a part of clean-css it's a separate package since clean-css 4.0.

minimalcss - Extract the minimal CSS used in a set of URLs with puppeteer

  •    Javascript

A Node library to extract the minimal CSS used in a set of URLs with puppeteer. Used to find what minimal CSS is needed to render on first load, even with document.onload executed. This minimal CSS is also known as critical path CSS and ultimately a web performance technique to make web pages load faster at initial load.

pigosat - Go (golang) bindings for Picosat, the satisfiability solver

  •    C

Tested on Go versions 1.9 and 1.10, but likely works on earlier versions of Go. PiGoSAT is a wrapper around Picosat, whose C source files are included in this repository.

aspa - End of Life Notice - January 2014: Please use ASPAX instead.

  •    CoffeeScript

ASPA is a simple opinionated web application asset packager for Node.js. If you like using this package, please consider switching to ASPAX for cleaner YML syntax, a smart plugin system to handle various source file types, and automatic watching of included files (i.e. Stylus @imports). Have a look at aspax.github.io for more information.

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