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Pull: A powerful & free podcatcher (podcast receiver)

  •    DotNet

Pull is an ultralight weight podcast reciever, especially designed to run without an install. It is designed with Windows 7 in mind so it follows Windows 7 UI guidelines and leverages Windows 7 features (if available), while still remaining unbotrusive.



OPMLtools is a OPML tool that can find duplicate nodes(google reader feeds) and remove duplicate nodes from OPML file.


  •    WPF

UriTree is a tiny WPF application that solves the Favorites problem with an OPML-based XML file loaded in your System Notification Area as a cascading menu.

bookmarks - :bookmark: Bookmark app for Nextcloud

  •    PHP

Install it from the app store in Nextcloud itself or just clone this repo into your apps directory on your server.The bookmarks app is a bit of an unloved child among the nextcloud apps. It has gone through many hands. This version is a rewrite by [Stefan Klemm] aka ganomi (https://github.com/ganomi), which is itself a bit unsatisfactory, which is why a new REST API has been introduced to facilitate synchronization and 3rd party clients and additionally there are efforts to rewrite the browser client and introduce some new features along the way.

node-opmlparser - OPML parsing in Node.js

  •    Javascript

This module adds methods for OPML parsing in node.js using Isaac Schlueter's sax parser. The libxml-like helper methods have been removed. There is now just one input interface: the stream interface.

pandoc-opml - Generate OPML files from Markdown

  •    Python

pandoc-opml generates OPML files from Markdown with the help of pandoc. Well, think of what an XML version of your Markdown now enables.

feed2email - RSS/Atom feed updates in your email

  •    Ruby

feed2email is a headless feed aggregator that sends feed entries via email. It was initially written as a replacement of rss2email and aims to be simple, fast and easy to use.

feedpushr - A simple feed aggregator daemon with sugar on top.

  •    Go

A simple feed aggregator daemon with sugar on top. You can override this settings by using program parameters. Type feedpushr --help to see those parameters.

gorss - Go RSS Reader

  •    Go

Simple RSS/Atom reader written in Golang. Highly configurable and with themes. Currently there are no installation packages. But there exists prebuilt binaries for Linux and OSX.