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operator-sdk - SDK for building Kubernetes applications

  •    Go

The project is currently pre-alpha and it is expected that breaking changes to the API will be made in the upcoming releases. See the design docs for planned work on upcoming milestones.

awesome-operators - A resource tracking a number of Operators out in the wild.


Operators are Kubernetes native applications. We define native as being both managed using the Kubernetes APIs via kubectl and ran on Kubernetes as containers. Operators take advantage of Kubernetes’s extensibility to deliver the automation advantages of cloud services like provisioning, scaling, and backup/restore while being able to run anywhere that Kubernetes can run. This list is built by the community. Have you built or are you using an Operator that is not listed? Please send a pull request and we will add that Operator to the list.

etcd-operator - etcd operator creates/configures/manages etcd clusters atop Kubernetes

  •    Go

Major planned features have been completed and while no breaking API changes are currently planned, we reserve the right to address bugs and API changes in a backwards incompatible way before the project is declared stable. See upgrade guide for safe upgrade process.Currently user facing etcd cluster objects are created as Kubernetes Custom Resources, however, taking advantage of User Aggregated API Servers to improve reliability, validation and versioning is planned. The use of Aggregated API should be minimally disruptive to existing users but may change what Kubernetes objects are created or how users deploy the etcd operator.

vault-operator - Run and manage Vault on Kubernetes simply and securely

  •    Go

The basic features have been completed, and while no breaking API changes are currently planned, the API can change in a backwards incompatible way before the project is declared stable. The Vault operator deploys and manages Vault clusters on Kubernetes. Vault instances created by the Vault operator are highly available and support automatic failover and upgrade.

elasticsearch-operator - manages elasticsearch clusters

  •    Go

The ElasticSearch operator is designed to manage one or more elastic search clusters. Included in the project (initially) is the ability to create the Elastic cluster, deploy the data nodes across zones in your Kubernetes cluster, and snapshot indexes to AWS S3. The operator was built and tested on a 1.7.X Kubernetes cluster and is the minimum version required due to the operators use of Custom Resource Definitions.

postgres-operator - Postgres operator creates and manages PostgreSQL clusters running in Kubernetes

  •    Go

The operator watches additions, updates, and deletions of PostgreSQL cluster manifests and changes the running clusters accordingly. For example, when a user submits a new manifest, the operator fetches that manifest and spawns a new Postgres cluster along with all necessary entities such as Kubernetes StatefulSets and Postgres roles. See this Postgres cluster manifest for settings that a manifest may contain. The operator also watches updates to its own configuration and alters running Postgres clusters if necessary. For instance, if a pod docker image is changed, the operator carries out the rolling update. That is, the operator re-spawns one-by-one pods of each StatefulSet it manages with the new Docker image.

kooper - Kooper is a simple Go library to create Kubernetes operators and controllers.

  •    Go

Kooper is a simple Go library to create Kubernetes operators and controllers. Kooper is a set of utilities packed as a library or framework to easily create Kubernetes controllers and operators.

aws-service-operator - AWS Service Operator allows you to create AWS resources using kubectl.

  •    Go

The AWS Service Operator allows you to manage AWS resources using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions. Using the AWS Service Operator enables a gitops workflow to drive your infrastructure to the desired state leveraging Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRD), the Kubernetes internal control loop, and AWS cloudformation orchestration. Read more about "operators" here.

kube-prometheus - Use Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes and application running on Kubernetes


This repository collects Kubernetes manifests, dashboards, and alerting rules combined with documentation and scripts to provide single-command deployments of end-to-end Kubernetes cluster monitoring.This repository has been merged with the Prometheus Operator. It can now be found under contrib/kube-prometheus.

007 - Small experimental language with a license to macro

  •    Perl

Prague, Czech Republic. Around two o'clock at night. A single car pulls up to the section headquarters. Section chief JOHN DRYDEN gets out and looks around him before getting into the empty building.

dlpack - RFC for common in-memory tensor structure and operator interface for deep learning system

  •    C

We do not intend to implement of Tensor and Ops, but instead use this as common bridge to reuse tensor and ops across frameworks.RFC proposals are opened as issues. The major release will happen as a vote issue to make sure the participants agree on the changes.

vim-operator-surround - Vim operator mapping to enclose text objects with surrounds like paren, quote and so on

  •    Vim

This plugin provides Vim operator mappings to deal with surrounds like (), "" and so on. In addition, both end of the text object are the same character, vim-operator-surround recognizes them as a surround (this behavior is customizable with some variables). This plugin would be more useful with vim-textobj-between or vim-textobj-anyblock. And you can customize and add surround definitions in global and filetype specific scope.

rxify - An RxJS library wrapper that lets you execute Rx operators directly using marble-diagram ASCII string arguments

  •    Javascript

An RxJS library wrapper that lets you execute Rx operators directly using marble-diagram ASCII string arguments. rxify was mainly created as an educational tool to guide those ramping up on Reactive Extensions for the first time by presenting an alternative way to visualize and experiment on its asynchronous features. However, some folks may find it useful for other purposes such as general problem-solving or simplifying unit tests.

kube-code-generator - Kubernetes code generator docker image

  •    Go

A kubernetes code generator ready container to create your CRDs. This uses the official util created by Kubernetes to autogenerate the code required by Kubernetes resources.

js-expression - High Performance JavaScript Expression Evaluator

  •    Javascript

I rewrote the base evaluator of js-expression-eval to make it faster and scalable. This library is a modified version of Raphael Graf’s ActionScript Expression Parser. When I wrote the JavaScript Function Plotter, I wanted a better alternative to using JavaScript’s eval function. There’s no security risk currently, because you can only run code in your own browser, but it’s not as convenient for math (Math.pow(2, x) instead of 2^x, etc.).

express-mongo-sanitize - Sanitize your express payload to prevent MongoDB operator injection.

  •    Javascript

Express 4.x middleware which sanitizes user-supplied data to prevent MongoDB Operator Injection. Add as a piece of express middleware, before defining your routes.

mongodb-enterprise-kubernetes - MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator


Welcome to the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator. The Operator enables easy deploys of MongoDB into Kubernetes clusters, using our management, monitoring and backup platforms, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager. By installing this integration, you will be able to deploy MongoDB instances with a single simple command. Please note that this project is currently in beta, and is not yet recommended for production use.

tidb-operator - TiDB operator creates and manages TiDB clusters running in Kubernetes

  •    Go

TiDB Operator manages TiDB clusters on Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a TiDB cluster. It makes TiDB a truly cloud-native database. Warning: Currently, TiDB Operator is work in progress [WIP] and is NOT ready for production. Use at your own risk.

fo - Overloaded operators for Fantasy Land compatible JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Creates a new syntax scope. The a expression is allowed multiple usages of a single operator per fo call.