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harrow - The monorepo for the FOSS Harrow CI/CD collaboration project.

  •    Go

This is a brutally modified version of the upstream code which powers harrow.io which is currently offered as a dev bundle for modifying Harrow. The intention is that within a few weeks this message will go away, and harrow.io (hosted) will run the same codebase as is offered here, but there is a small amount of clean-up and canonicalization yet to do. Harrow is a task-runner for people who build and manage software. It's designed to sit in the place of a traditional CI/CD build system whilst providing an element of accessibility and beauty for non-technical team members and stake-holders.

operational-review-docs - PagerDuty's public operational review documentation.

  •    HTML

This is a public version of the Operational Review framework that PagerDuty is adapting and implementing internally. It is used to ensure that PagerDuty leadership is aligned on the impact that real-time, digital operations have on our business outcomes. See the About page for more information. You can view the documentation directly in this repository, or rendered as a website at https://reviews.pagerduty.com.

aliases - Resolve dependency on all commands by container

  •    Go

aliases is a tool for resolving command dependencies with containers. Using the option of --export can be used as a command instead of an alias.

PSRemotely - Remote operations validation framework, exposes a DSL to wrap existing Pester/PoshSpec based validation tests

  •    PowerShell

PSRemotely, started as a fork of the Remotely project and over the time grew out of it. In a nutshell it let's you execute Pester tests against a remote machine. PSRemotely can use PoshSpec style infrastucture validation tests too. Note - In the code & documentation the term 'Remotely' and 'PSRemotely' refer to the same.

grease - Automated Scripting Engine For the Modern Age

  •    Python

GREASE provides a simple JSON configuration schema for issue detection and a safe Python command class for implementing resolutions. GREASE runs 24/7/365 monitoring sources you define and based on configuration can act on these sources. These actions can be anything you can do in python.

wc-devops-utilities - WebSphere Commerce DevOps Utilities project provide Docker based tool chain to support deploy and manage Commerce V9+ environment on Kubernetes

  •    Python

WebSphere commerce DevOps Utilities are provided as a reference tool chain to support deploying and operating WebSphere Commerce V9 in a Kubernetes environment. For more information about WebSphere Commerce V9, see WebSphere Commerce Version 9 knowledge Center.

tapir - Tapir is an open source solution for troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of VoIP-network based systems

  •    Java

Tapir is an open source solution for troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of VoIP-network based systems. It has an easy scalable architecture, fast and clear WEB UI and, as a result, provides the best way to analyze end-to-end call correlation. Tapir reduces operational costs, prevents voice fraud, increases system availability time.