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kubernetes-day-2 - These are notes to accompany my KubeCon EU 2017 talk


These are notes to accompany my KubeCon EU 2017 talk. The slides are available as well. The video is available from Youtube. How do you keep a Kubernetes cluster running long term? Just like any other service, you need a combination of monitoring, alerting, backup, upgrade, and infrastructure management strategies to make it happen. This talk will walk through and demonstrate the best practices for each of these questions and show off the latest tooling that makes it possible. The takeaway will be lessons and considerations that will influence the way you operate your own Kubernetes clusters.

harrow - The monorepo for the FOSS Harrow CI/CD collaboration project.

  •    Go

This is a brutally modified version of the upstream code which powers harrow.io which is currently offered as a dev bundle for modifying Harrow. The intention is that within a few weeks this message will go away, and harrow.io (hosted) will run the same codebase as is offered here, but there is a small amount of clean-up and canonicalization yet to do. Harrow is a task-runner for people who build and manage software. It's designed to sit in the place of a traditional CI/CD build system whilst providing an element of accessibility and beauty for non-technical team members and stake-holders.

wc-devops-utilities - WebSphere Commerce DevOps Utilities project provide Docker based tool chain to support deploy and manage Commerce V9+ environment on Kubernetes

  •    Python

WebSphere commerce DevOps Utilities are provided as a reference tool chain to support deploying and operating WebSphere Commerce V9 in a Kubernetes environment. For more information about WebSphere Commerce V9, see WebSphere Commerce Version 9 knowledge Center.