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honcho - Honcho: a python clone of Foreman. For managing Procfile-based applications.

  •    Python

Honcho is a Python port of Foreman, a tool for managing Procfile-based applications. For more detail and an explanation of the circumstances in which Honcho might be useful, consult the Honcho documentation.

guide - Kubernetes clusters for the hobbyist.


The tinkerers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This guide answers the question of how to setup and operate a fully functional, secure Kubernetes cluster on a cloud provider such as Hetzner Cloud, DigitalOcean or Scaleway. It explains how to overcome the lack of external ingress controllers, fully isolated secure private networking and persistent distributed block storage.

Windows Systems Monitoring Components


This project is meant to provide programmers with a set of reusable classes, gathered into one assembly, to develop custom system monitoring consoles for windows server systems. The base set provides classes with methods to check: - Network ping - HTTP server running - FTP se...

Multiple Site Manager for SharePoint


Multiple Site Manager for SharePoint is a server tool which allows administrators to create, delete, and manage SharePoint 2007 sites, site collections, and My Sites either using a CSV file. Site columns with specific settings can also be created using XML.


  •    JQuery

Easily create tables with select-able rows, and operations that can be performed on the selected rows.

Recurring-Integrations-Scheduler - Recurring Integrations Scheduler is a solution that can be used in file-based integration scenarios for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

  •    CSharp

This tool helps to quickly set up and orchestrate file based integration scenarios to and from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. We see this tool to be a good implementation accelerator for use during the implementation phase of the project for data migration, ad hoc file integration needs and to be used as a proof of concept validator among others, to be used non-production environments only.Recurring Integrations Scheduler Service is a Windows service that can trigger many integration jobs at predefined schedule. You can schedule jobs and set their recurrence in a very similar way to well-known Operations' batch framework.

ndarray-ops - ndarray operations

  •    Javascript

Operators with the -eq suffix perform an assignment.

spherical - Spherical world utilities

  •    Javascript

The default value of the radius is Earth's radius of 6378137 meters.Heading expressed as degrees between locations expressed as [lon, lat].

factbeat - Ship Facter facts to Elasticsearch or Logstash.

  •    Go

Factbeat is a Beat that ships Facter facts to Elasticsearch, where they can be stored, analyzed and compared over time. Facter 3 (cFacter) is recommended, and is the default. The output from Facter 3 is more structured and more stable than that of Facter 2, which makes for a much better experience with Factbeat and Elasticsearch.

kubernetes-day-2 - These are notes to accompany my KubeCon EU 2017 talk


These are notes to accompany my KubeCon EU 2017 talk. The slides are available as well. The video is available from Youtube. How do you keep a Kubernetes cluster running long term? Just like any other service, you need a combination of monitoring, alerting, backup, upgrade, and infrastructure management strategies to make it happen. This talk will walk through and demonstrate the best practices for each of these questions and show off the latest tooling that makes it possible. The takeaway will be lessons and considerations that will influence the way you operate your own Kubernetes clusters.

nodegod - Nodegod provides Web-based management of apps by Harald Rudell

  •    Javascript

Node God is robustly written as four detached processes carefully designed to stay running indefinitely. These processes stay running until you power of your computer.

cloudstackOps - Handy tools to operate a CloudStack cloud

  •    Python

Collection of scripts that make operating a CloudStack cloud easier :-). This collection of scripts was written to automate operating the Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud, which is built on top of CloudStack. It consists of handy scripts when you're working with CloudStack on a day-to-day basis.

opsbot - the npm operations chatbot is fully operational

  •    Javascript

You'll want to create your own little node package for your installation. This package needs a package.json, a configuration file, and a shell script to run the bot. To create your configuration file, start by copying config.example.js. Edit to your taste. You can have it log to console and/or log to a file depending on how you want to keep its logs. npm start runs the bot in prod mode. npm run dev will run it with pretty-printed console output.

2LCS - Lifecycle Services Companion App for administrators

  •    CSharp

This small utility can help you manage D365FO instances deployed in your LCS project. Both cloud-hosted - in your Azure subscription and Microsoft-hosted sandboxes. It offers only a subset of functionalities that LCS offers, but you can execute them a bit faster. Please note that this is only a sample code that is not supported by Microsoft in anyway. It is provided AS IS and it can break anytime because of changes introduced in LCS.


  •    Scala

This repository contains interfaces to inspect, interact and manage various Parts of Akka, primarily Akka Cluster. Future additions may extend these concepts to other parts of Akka. This project does not have contributors, it only has maintainers—frequent and infrequent—and everyone helps out. We love new maintainers as well as old maintainers. :-) The Akka core team keeps an eye on the project to assure its overall coherence but does not fully support these modules.

Flow - Operation Oriented Programming in Swift

  •    Swift

Flow is a lightweight Swift library for doing operation oriented programming. It enables you to easily define your own, atomic operations, and also contains an exensive library of ready-to-use operations that can be grouped, sequenced, queued and repeated. Using Flow is all about splitting your code up into multiple atomic pieces - called operations. Each operation defines a body of work, that can easily be reused throughout an app or library.

vulcanizer - GitHub's ops focused Elasticsearch library

  •    Go

This project is a golang library for interacting with an Elasticsearch cluster. It's goal is to provide a high level API to help with common tasks that are associated with operating an Elasticsearch cluster such as querying health status of the cluster, migrating data off of nodes, updating cluster settings, etc. This project does not aim to be a fully-featured API client for querying or indexing to Elasticsearch.