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zipkin-go-opentracing - OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Zipkin v1 in Go

  •    Go

OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Zipkin in Go. This package is a low level tracing "driver" to allow OpenTracing API consumers to use Zipkin as their tracing backend. For details on how to work with spans and traces we suggest looking at the documentation and README from the OpenTracing API.

php-zipkin - PHP library for OpenZipkin

  •    PHP

This is an unofficial PHP library for OpenZipkin. Incomplete, only has one transport with zero integrations. This library contains a very minimal implementation for just sending spans to zipkin.

zipkin-php - Zipkin instrumentation for PHP

  •    PHP

This is a production ready PHP library for Zipkin. This is a simple example of usage, for a more complete frontend/backend example, check this repository.

docker-zipkin-aws - Docker build for zipkin-aws

  •    Shell

This repository contains the Docker build definition and release process for openzipkin/zipkin-aws. This layers Amazon Web Services support on the base zipkin docker image.

incubator-zipkin-api - Zipkin's language independent model and HTTP Api Definitions

  •    Thrift

This repo includes an OpenAPI Spec and Protocol Buffers interchange format. Take a look at the example repository for how to use this.

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