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kui - A hybrid command-line/UI development experience for cloud-native development

  •    TypeScript

We love CLIs, and think they are critical for interacting in a flexible way with the cloud. We need the power to go off the rails. But ASCII is tedious. Kui takes your normal kubectl command line requests and responds with graphics. Instead of ASCII tables, you are presented with sortable ones. Instead of copying and pasting long auto-generated resource names, in Kui you just click.

incubator-openwhisk-catalog - Curated catalog of Apache OpenWhisk packages to interface with event producers and consumers

  •    Javascript

This openwhisk-catalog maintains the package catalogs of openwhisk. In OpenWhisk, the catalog of packages gives you an easy way to enhance your app with useful capabilities, and to access external services in the ecosystem. Examples of external services that are OpenWhisk-enabled include IBM Watson API, the Weather Company, Slack, and GitHub.system packages and sample packages.The catalog is available as packages in the /whisk.system namespace. See Browsing packages for information about how to browse the catalog by using the command line tool.

incubator-openwhisk-client-go - This project openwhisk-client-go is a Go client library to access Openwhisk API

  •    Go

This project openwhisk-client-go is a Go client library to access Openwhisk API.This project is currently on an experimental stage. We periodically synchronize the source code of this repository with the Go whisk folder in OpenWhisk. The framework of test cases is under construction for this repository. Please contribute to the Go whisk folder in OpenWhisk for any Go whisk changes, before we officially announce the separation of OpenWhisk CLI from OpenWhisk.

incubator-openwhisk-client-js - JavaScript client library for the OpenWhisk platform

  •    Javascript

JavaScript client library for the Apache OpenWhisk platform. Provides a wrapper around the OpenWhisk APIs (Swagger JSON).This client library can use environment parameters to automatically configure the authentication credentials, platform endpoint and namespace. These parameters are defined within the Node.js runtime environment in OpenWhisk. Unless you want to override these values, you can construct the client instance without further configuration.

incubator-openwhisk-client-swift - openwhisk-client-swift is a Swift client SDK for OpenWhisk with support for iOS, WatchOS2, and Darwin CLI apps

  •    Swift

This is a Swift-based client SDK for OpenWhisk. You can use it to connect to the IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk service, or you own installation of OpenWhisk. It partially implements the OpenWhisk REST API and allows you to invoke actions and fire triggers. The client SDK is compatible with Swift 3.x and runs on iOS 9 & 10, WatchOS 3, and Darwin. Since this code uses classes like URLSession, Linux support is linked to the current status of Foundation on Linux.You can install the SDK using the source code in this repo, as a Cocoapod for iOS and WatchOS apps, Carthage, and as a package using the Swift Package Manager for Darwin CLI apps.

incubator-openwhisk-debugger - The OpenWhisk debugger project

  •    Javascript

For documenation on the client, consult here.According to the author of the debugger, Nick Mitchell, the debugger currently requires Node 6 to 6.2.

incubator-openwhisk-deploy-kube - This project can be used to deploy Apache OpenWhisk to a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Shell

This repository can be used to deploy OpenWhisk to a Kubernetes cluster.Several requirements must be met for OpenWhisk to deploy on Kubernetes.

incubator-openwhisk-devtools - Development tools for building and deploying Apache OpenWhisk

  •    Makefile

This repository is part of Apache OpenWhisk and provides developer tools that help with local development, testing and operation of OpenWhisk.For an example check out docker-compose/.travis folder.

incubator-openwhisk-package-alarms - Apache OpenWhisk package that can be used to create periodic, time-based alarms

  •    Javascript

The /whisk.system/alarms package can be used to fire a trigger at a specified frequency. This is useful for setting up recurring jobs or tasks, such as invoking a system backup action every hour.The package includes the following feeds.

incubator-openwhisk-package-cloudant - The /whisk

  •    Scala

The /whisk.system/cloudant package enables you to work with a Cloudant database. It includes the following actions and feeds.The following topics walk through setting up a Cloudant database, configuring an associated package, and using the actions and feeds in the /whisk.system/cloudant package.

incubator-openwhisk-package-kafka - Apache OpenWhisk package for communicating with Kafka or Message Hub

  •    Scala

This project is an OpenWhisk package that allows you to communicate with Kafka or IBM Message Hub instances for publishing and consuming messages using native high performance Kafka API.OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service and represents an event-action platform that allows you to execute code in response to an event. These events can come from many different sources, such as Object Storage, direct HTTP, Cloudant database, etc. One of the popular event sources is Message Hub and Kafka, both of which can also be used as an effective instriment to publish events from OpenWhisk to the rest of the world and allow for highly scalable and performant asyncronous communication for event driven applications.

incubator-openwhisk-package-pushnotifications - OpenWhisk Package for Bluemix Push Notifications Service

  •    Javascript

The /whisk.system/pushnotifications package enables you to work with a push service.The following is an example of creating a package binding.

incubator-openwhisk-package-rss - RSS feed package

  •    Javascript

This package allows users to subscribe to RSS/ATOM feeds and receive events when a new feed item is available. It creates one event/activation per feed item that meets the criteria. Below is the hierarchy of the RSS Package.Note: If the filter parameter enables logic that only searches for matches in the feed items' titles and descriptions. If 60% or more of the keywords are found in the RSS feed item, an event will be fired for the feed item. For example, given that filter "Washington D.C.,capital,politics", an event will be fired only if 2 of the 3 keywords are present in the feed item.

incubator-openwhisk-package-template - This is a template to be use when creating new packages for OpenWhisk

  •    Scala

This package is a template for Openwhisk Packages, it can be used to build, test and integrate new packages.This will create a new package called packageTemplate as well as a hello world action.

incubator-openwhisk-slackinvite - Invite for Apache OpenWhisk Team on Slack

  •    HTML

The org is the Slack team name, usually the hostname from your .slack.com. The slacktoken is a token for a user with admin access. You can get one from https://api.slack.com/docs/oauth-test-tokens Recommend creating a bot user with admin to use for invites.The action should do a http call to the slack API using the team host and token, then Slack will send the invite to the email provided.

incubator-openwhisk-vscode - Visual Studio Code extension (prototype) for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor

  •    Javascript

This is a prototype extension for Visual Studio Code https://code.visualstudio.com/ that enables complete round trip cycles for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor. The key point for this extension is that it has full round trip for open whisk actions (list, create new local, create new remote, update, import from remote system, invoke, etc…) without ever leaving the IDE and makes dev cycles far shorter and easier. It also works for both Swift and JS actions on Windows, Mac, and Linux.Download and run the installer for your platform from the Downloads Section.

incubator-openwhisk-website - Apache OpenWhisk website (openwhisk

  •    HTML

Apache OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service. It provides a programming model to upload event handlers to a cloud service, and register the handlers to respond to various events.This will build static files to a directory called _site/ in the project root. This can be used for manual deployment to a static server or with build tools like Jenkins.

incubator-openwhisk-workshop - OpenWhisk workshop to help developers learn how to build serverless applications using the platform

  •    Javascript

OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service. It provides a programming model to upload event handlers to a cloud service, and register the handlers to respond to various events. Learn more at https://developer.ibm.com/openwhisk or try it on IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk.This workshop provides a series of exercises to help you understand how to use OpenWhisk to build serverless applications.

incubator-openwhisk-wskdeploy - Utility for deploying and managing Apache OpenWhisk packages and projects

  •    Go

You can use this in addition to the OpenWhisk CLI. In fact, this utility uses the OpenWhisk "Go" Client to create its HTTP REST calls for deploying and undeploying your packages.The wskdeploy utility is a GoLang program so you will first need to Download and install GoLang onto your local machine.

serverless-openwhisk - Adds OpenWhisk support to the Serverless Framework!

  •    Javascript

This plugin enables support for the OpenWhisk platform within the Serverless Framework. Before you can deploy your service to OpenWhisk, you need to have an account registered with the platform.

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