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cdnjs - Free and Open Source Web front-end resource CDN maintained by @PeterDaveHello

CDNJS is a free and open source project to organize and provide popular front-end web development resources to developers via a fast CDN infrastructure without usage limitations and fees. We want to help individual library/framework developers distribute their projects, and web developers supercharge their websites! With our great free CDN service, developers can focus on their projects and website development. Developers no longer have to spend time worrying about how to set-up a CDN for projects or website assets. We hope to make web development easier, as well as your websites and the WWW faster and safer.

android - 📱 Nextcloud Android app

The Android client for Nextcloud. Easily work with your data on your Nextcloud.GPLv2. All contributions to this repository from June, 16 2016 on are considered to be licensed under the AGPLv3 or any later version.

saythanks.io - Spreading Thankfulness in Open Source.

saythanks.io will provide a button/link for use by open source projects, to encourage users to send a simple thank you note to the creator (or creators) of that project. This simple button/link can be added to READMEs and project documentation.

LoginKit - LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add a Login/Signup UX to your iOS app.

LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add Facebook and email Login/Signup UI to your app. If you need to quickly prototype an app, create an MVP or finish an app for a hackathon, LoginKit can help you by letting you focus on what makes your app special and leave login/signup to LoginKit. But if what you really want is a really specific and customized login/singup flow you are probably better off creating it on your own.LoginKit handles Signup & Login, via Facebook & Email. It takes care of the UI, the forms, validation, and Facebook SDK access. All you need to do is start LoginKit, and then make the necessary calls to your own backend API to login or signup.

Mass Reboot

Mass Reboot makes it easier for IT Administrators to remotely reboot multiple systems at one time. You'll no longer have to waste time rebooting systems since Mass Reboot reboots and monitors the systems status. Mass Reboot is developed in C# using the .Net 3.5 framework.

awesome-open-source-supporters - ⭐️ A curated list of companies that offer their services for free to Open Source projects

A curated list of awesome companies that offer their tools and services for free to Open Source and public projects. Note: While there are many companies that have great free tiers (Slack, for example), this list focuses specifically on organizations that have made an overt commitment to the Open Source community.

Simple-Camera - A camera with flash, zoom and no ads.

A camera with flash and zoom.The camera is usable for both photo taking and video recording. You can switch between front and rear camera, modify the save path, limit the resolution. The flash can be turned on and off, used as a flashlight. You can pinch to zoom in.

Simple-Draw - A canvas you can draw on with different colors.

A canvas you can draw on with different colors.Want to draw something but you have no paper? This app will suit you perfectly. Just pick a color and draw. You can either save the drawing or share it directly through email or social networks.

Simple-File-Manager - A simple file manager for browsing and editing files and directories.

A simple file manager for browsing and editing files and directories.Can also be used for browsing root files and SDcard content. You can easily copy, move, delete and share anything you wish.

Simple-Music-Player - A clean music player with a customizable widget.

A clean music player with a customizable widget.A music player easily controllable from the status bar, home screen widget or by hardware buttons on your headset. You can sort the tracks by the Title or Artist, as well as change the Equalizer. Does not yet support filtering by artist or album, stay tuned! The Phone Status permission is required for pausing the song once there is an incoming call.

f-spot - Desktop Photo Management software built on top of the Gnome platform, F-Spot

The following requirements are automatically installed by make via NuGet if you enable tests.Your distribution might use a different path, if it’s not derived from one of those.

client_theming - :computer: Nextcloud themed desktop client

Theme and build instructions for the Nextcloud desktop client.If you always want the latest versions (including the betas), add both repositories. If you want only the stable version, add the non-beta repository only.


The kit suite is a series of components that when used together can achieve a continuous deployment workflow for countless Kubernetes clusters. They can be used as npm modules to orchestrate your own pipeline or they can be easily integrated into a Codeship Docker pipeline.This pipeline keeps things simple by utilizing a Docker powered pipeline that can used for builds and testing for deployments as well. By doing this, you avoid having to run external services (such as a central service that triggers deployments, Vault or Consul services for configuration management, authentication services, etc) to manage the deployments.

kit-deployer - kit component used for deploying manifests to multiple Kubernetes clusters

Use this service to deploy files to multiple Kubernetes clusters. You just have to organize your manifest files into directories that match the names of your clusters (the name defined in your kubeconfig files). Then you just provide a directory of kubeconfig files and the kit-deployer will asynchronously send all manifests up to their corresponding clusters.There is also support for namespaces. Simply provide a directory with namespaces that are grouped into folders that match the name of the kubeconfig cluster you want them deployed to.

kit-overwatch - Monitors events within a Kubernetes cluster and sends notifications when something goes wrong

Monitors events within a Kubernetes cluster and sends notifications to Slack. You can adjust the events you want to be notified about and it can automatically handle @mentions based on Kubernetes labels.To avoid flooding channels, duplicate events will be throttled back automatically by 1 minute * the number of notifications already sent.

gitfund - Crowdfunding platform for open source projects

As software eats the world, it is critical that we find a way to sustainably fund the open source ecosystem. GitFund is setting out to solve this problem by creating a crowdfunding platform for open source projects. Both channels are connected by a relay bot, so you won't be missing out on any discussions by choosing one over the other.

insert - A (potentially) great code editor for iOS, targeting the iPad. Likely written in Swift.

There exists few great code editors for iOS — I've tried them all. My current favorites are the excellent GoCoEdit and relatively reasonable Coda. This project is an experiment, to see how hard it is to throw something together that is reasonable. Most attempts at doing so are pathetic, so I'd like to take a shot at it. I understand that this is no easy task, so I may very well walk away from this — this is just an idea. I've been looking for something to do lately, and this seems like a great way to learn a few new things.

roweb2 - rOpenSci website

Welcome to the new (October 2017) website for the rOpenSci project. Our old website (repo, site) is now archived and all new content should be added to this repository. For any issues with the site including typos or rendering issues, please file an issue or send a pull-request. The site automatically deploys once pull requests are merged. If your blog post has any images (or other assets), create a folder under themes/ropensci/static/img/blog-images/ with the pattern <DATE-SLUG> (e.g. 2017-10-10-bikedata) and place them there. To reference any of these objects in your post, use /img/blog-images/<DATE-SLUG>/name-of-image.png. If the paths are correct, you should see the preview render correctly (see next step).