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orange - OpenResty/Nginx Gateway for API Monitoring and Management.

  •    Lua

A Gateway based on OpenResty(Nginx+lua) for API Monitoring and Management. Import the SQL file(e.g. install/orange-v0.6.3.sql) which is adapted to your Orange version into MySQL database named orange.

lua-resty-auto-ssl - On the fly (and free) SSL registration and renewal inside OpenResty/nginx with Let's Encrypt

  •    Perl

On the fly (and free) SSL registration and renewal inside OpenResty/nginx with Let's Encrypt. This uses the ssl_certificate_by_lua functionality in OpenResty

api-umbrella - Open source API management platform

  •    Ruby

Binary packages are available for download. Follow the quick setup instructions on the download page to begin running API Umbrella. Once you have API Umbrella up and running, there are a variety of things you can do to start using the platform. For a quick tutorial, see getting started.

lua-resty-waf - High-performance WAF built on the OpenResty stack

  •    Perl

lua-resty-waf is currently in active development. New bugs and questions opened in the issue tracker will be answered within a day or two, and performance impacting / security related issues will be patched with high priority. Larger feature sets and enhancements will be added when development resources are available (see the Roadmap section for an outline of planned features). lua-resty-waf is compatible with the master branch of lua-resty-core. The bundled version of lua-resty-core available in recent releases of OpenResty (>= is compatible with lua-resty-waf; versions bundled with older OpenResty bundles are not, so users wanting to leverage resty.core will either need to replace the local version with the one available from the GitHub project, or patch the module based off this commit.

lor - a fast, minimalist web framework for lua based on OpenResty

  •    Lua

A fast and minimalist web framework based on OpenResty. opm install is supported from v0.2.2.

janus-webrtc-gateway-docker - Perfect Docker Image for Media Streaming Expert User ( https://github

  •    Dockerfile

This is a docker image for Janus Webrtc Gateway. Janus Gateway is still under active development phase. So, as the official docs says, some minor modification of the middleware library versions happens frequently. I try to deal with such a chage as much as I can. If you need any request about this repo, free to contact me. About the details of setup for this docker image, you should read the official docs https://janus.conf.meetecho.com/index.html carefully. I think that janus is better for webinar(web seminar), and jitsi is better for web conference system. The scalability of the current Jitsi Video Bridge(20181007) is poor because of having no local recording file(I'm not sure of this..). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHHoqKCjJ0E Jitsi last-n + VP8 simulcasting has the very good performance for web conference https://jitsi.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/nossdav2015lastn.pdf For the video format, janus recording is per video streaming, jitsi is for mixed video conference by using chrome headlesss + ffmpeg(alsa, libxcb). From these points, janus is suitable for webinar, jitsi is for web conference. Of course, both WebRTC SFU are amazing work!! I'm using both.

postgrest-starter-kit - Starter Kit and tooling for authoring REST API backends with PostgREST

  •    PLpgSQL

Base project and tooling for authoring REST API backends with PostgREST. PostgREST enables a different way of building data driven API backends. It does "one thing well" and that is to provide you with a REST api over your database, however to build a complex production system that does things like talk to 3rd party systems, sends emails, implements real time updates for browsers, write integration tests, implement authentication, you need additional components. For this reason, some developers either submit feature requests that are not the scope of PostgREST or think of it just as a prototyping utility and not a powerful/flexible production component with excellent performance. This repository aims to be a starting point for all PostgREST based projects and bring all components together under a well defined structure. We also provide tooling that will aid you with iterating on your project and tools/scripts to enable a build pipeline to push everything to production. There are quite a few components in the stack but you can safely comment out pg_amqp_bridge/rabbitmq (or even openresty) instances in docker-compose.yml if you don't need the features/functionality they provide.

micro-auth - A microservice that makes adding authentication with Google and Github to your application easy

  •    Lua

A microservice that makes adding authentication with Google or GitHub to your application easy. This service allows you to use Google and GitHub OAuth2 service to add authentication to your applications in a very straightforward way.

jxwaf - JXWAF(锦衣盾)是一款基于openresty(nginx+lua)开发的下一代web应用防火墙

  •    C


ledge - An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis

  •    Lua

An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis. Ledge can be utilised as a fast, robust and scalable alternative to Squid / Varnish etc, either installed standalone or integrated into an existing Nginx server or load balancer.

proxygateway - Proxy Gateway基于openresty(nginx lua module)开发,可以作为接口网关(api gateway)使用,整合业务模块接口,微服务治理聚合,通过web配置界面,能够轻松进行代理配置管理,支持负载均衡,服务器状态检测等

  •    Javascript

Proxy Gateway基于openresty(nginx lua module)开发,可以作为接口网关(api gateway)使用,整合业务模块接口,微服务治理聚合,通过web配置界面,能够轻松进行代理配置管理,支持负载均衡,服务器状态检测等

apicast - 3scale api gateway reloaded

  •    Lua

APIcast is an NGINX based API gateway used to integrate your internal and external API services with 3scale’s API Management Platform. To learn more about deployment options, environments provided, and how to get started, go to the APIcast overview.

lua-mailgun - Lua bindings to Mailgun HTTP API

  •    MoonScript

A Lua library for sending emails and interacting with the Mailgun API. Compatible with OpenResty via Lapis HTTP API, or any other Lua script via LuaSocket. At the moment this library only implements a subset of the API. If there's an missing API method feel free to open an issue.

lua-twitter - A Lua twitter library that works with OpenResty or LuaSocket

  •    Lua

A Lua library for working with the Twitter API. This library is designed to work with either LuaSocket or OpenResty's co-sockets via Lapis. If ngx is not in scope then the library will fall back to LuaSocket for network.

pgmoon - A pure Lua Postgres driver for use in OpenResty & more

  •    MoonScript

pgmoon is a PostgreSQL client library written in pure Lua (MoonScript). pgmoon was originally designed for use in OpenResty to take advantage of the cosocket api to provide asynchronous queries but it also works in the regular Lua environment as well using LuaSocket (and optionally LuaCrypto for MD5 authentication and LuaSec for SSL connections). pgmoon can also use cqueues' socket when passed "cqueues" as the socket type when instantiating.

lua-resty-aries - openresty and lua multi-function template

  •    Lua

openresty and lua multi-function template, it can correct show your error line. You can use lua-resty-aries to render template and safety run lua code string.The template or code string can be from any kind of data source, such as: file, redis, mysql or mongodb, any you like. And lua-resty-aries can correct postion your template's error line.

chef-openresty - An Opscode Chef cookbook for the OpenResty NGINX bundle

  •    Ruby

This cookbook installs the OpenResty NGINX bundle (http://www.openresty.org) from source and sets up configuration handling similar to Debian's Apache2 scripts. It also provides an OHAI plugin for configuration detection and an LWRP for easy site activation and deactivation. The following cookbooks are direct dependencies because they're used for common "default" functionality.

spacer - 🚀Serverless function platform for Lua

  •    Lua

Here's a minimal spacer project. ...then start the project.

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