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openjdk-website - Website source

  •    Javascript

This repository contains the source code for https://www.adoptopenjdk.net.The master branch contains the source code necessary for development. A Jenkins job is used to run a build on this source code, and the output of this build is pushed to the gh-pages branch. GitHub Pages then uses this gh-pages branch to host the live, production website.

openjdk-runtime - Google Cloud Platform OpenJDK Docker image

  •    Shell

This repository contains the source for the Google-maintained OpenJDK docker image. This image can be used as the base image for running Java applications on Google App Engine Flexible Environment and Google Container Engine.The runtime image gcr.io/google-appenine/openjdk:8 will be automatically selected if you are attempting to deploy a JAR (*.jar file).

openjdk8-releases - AdoptOpenJDK main binary releases for OpenJDK 8 with HotSpot


This repository is for publishing all of the tagged releases which match releases from OpenJDK proper (http://openjdk.java.net). The AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK binaries are not fully tested (JCK/TCK + further testing) and verified. For production you should look to professionally supported Java implementations from Oracle, Azul, IBM, RedHat, SAP and other vendors.