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meta-tags - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.

  •    Ruby

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. MetaTags master branch fully supports Ruby on Rails 4.2+, and is tested against all major Rails releases up to 5.1.

wordpress-seo - Yoast SEO for WordPress

  •    PHP

While the documentation for the Yoast SEO plugin can be found on Yoast.com, here you can browse the source of the project, find and discuss open issues and even contribute yourself. Here's a guide on how to install Yoast SEO in your WordPress site.

Embed - Get info from any web service or page

  •    PHP

PHP library to get information from any web page (using oembed, opengraph, twitter-cards, scrapping the html, etc). It's compatible with any web service (youtube, vimeo, flickr, instagram, etc) and has adapters to some sites like (archive.org, github, facebook, etc). This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as embed/embed.

seotools - SEO Tools for Laravel

  •    PHP

SEOTools is a package for Laravel 5+ and Lumen that provides helpers for some common SEO techniques. Note: If you are using Laravel 5.5, the steps 2 and 3, for providers and aliases, are unnecessaries. SEOTools supports Laravel new Package Discovery.

essence - Extracts information about web pages, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles

  •    PHP

Essence is a simple PHP library to extract media information from websites, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles. If you were already using Essence 2.x.x, you should take a look at the migration guide.

all-in-one-seo-pack - All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress SEO

  •    PHP

One of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress... more than 30 million downloads!

extruct - Extract embedded metadata from HTML markup

  •    Python

extruct is a library for extracting embedded metadata from HTML markup. It also has a built-in HTTP server to test its output as JSON.

NetgenOpenGraphBundle - Netgen Open Graph Bundle is an eZ Publish and eZ Platform bundle that allows simple integration with Open Graph protocol

  •    PHP

Netgen Open Graph Bundle is an eZ Publish / eZ Platform bundle that provides simple integration with Open Graph protocol. It uses Content object which is currently displayed to generate Open Graph meta tags, according to configuration. This bundle is published under GNU GPL v2 license.

craft-embed - Craft plugin to extract media information from URLs using OEmbed and OpenGraph.

  •    PHP

Craft CMS plugin that extracts information about web pages, like Youtube videos, Twitter statuses or blog articles. Embed comes with two methods for extracting information from links; Fields, which can be included in control panel entry types, and a plugin service, which can be used in both templates and other plugins.

magento2-module-seo - Magento 2 Module for Search Engine Optimization

  •    PHP

Magento 2 Module to Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your Magento site. The Module will automatically optimize and improve the performance of your Magento-based store in Search Engines.

go-opengraph - Golang package for parsing OpenGraph data from HTML into regular structures

  •    Go

Parses given html data into Facebook OpenGraph structure. If you just need to parse an OpenGraph data from HTML then method ProcessHTML is your needed one.