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faasd - A lightweight & portable faas engine

  •    Go

faasd is OpenFaaS reimagined, but without the cost and complexity of Kubernetes. It runs on a single host with very modest requirements, making it fast and easy to manage. Under the hood it uses containerd and Container Networking Interface (CNI) along with the same core OpenFaaS components from the main project. faasd is just another way to runOpenFaaS, so many things you read in the docs or in blog posts will work the same way.

arkade - Open Source Kubernetes Marketplace

  •    Go

arkade provides a portable marketplace for downloading your favourite devops CLIs and installing helm charts, with a single command. You can also download CLIs like kubectl, kind, kubectx and helm faster than you can type "apt-get/brew update".

derek - derek - a serverless :robot: to manage PRs and issues

  •    Go

It's derek . Nice to meet you. I'd like to help you with Pull Requests and Issues on your GitHub project. Please show support for the project and Star the repo.

openfaas-gke - Running OpenFaaS on Google Kubernetes Engine

  •    Shell

OpenFaaS is a serverless framework that runs on top of Kubernetes. It comes with a built-in UI and a handy CLI that takes you from scaffolding new functions to deploying them on your Kubernetes cluster. What's special about OpenFaaS is that you can package any executable as a function, and as long as it runs in a Docker container, it will work on OpenFaaS.What follows is a step by step guide on running OpenFaaS with Kubernetes 1.8 on Google Cloud.

faas-fargate - OpenFaaS on AWS Fargate

  •    Go

Run OpenFaaS on AWS serverless with Fargate. Easy to get started: A terraform module has been developed to build out a standard deployment of faas-fargate on fargate. See: https://github.com/ewilde/terraform-aws-openfaas-fargate. This module deploys the whole stack on Fargate including openfaas gateway, nats and sets up default security setting etc...

mongodb-function - OpenFaaS Function that makes use of a connection pool to access MongoDB

  •    Javascript

This is a simple example of how to use connection pooling in MongoDB with OpenFaaS on Kubernetes. In the first sequence we've had no calls made to the function, so the connection pool is not yet initialized. prepareDB() was never called.

media - Press kit / Media pack for OpenFaaS


This repository contains our presskit for official logos and media. You can also use the OpenFaaS ® logos to create your own SWAG / Stickers but should distribute them free of charge.

serverless-openfaas - An OpenFaaS plugin for the Serverless Inc framework (work in progress)

  •    Javascript

This is an OpenFaaS plugin for the Serverless Inc framework. You are probably looking for OpenFaaS - openfaas/faas.

workshop - Hands-on labs: Serverless and OpenFaaS with Python

  •    Python

This is a self-paced workshop for learning how to build, deploy and run OpenFaaS functions. This workshop starts by deploying OpenFaaS to your laptop with Docker for Mac or Windows and then shows how to build, deploy and invoke Serverless functions in Python. Topics will include: managing dependencies with pip, dealing with API tokens through secure secrets, monitoring functions with Prometheus, invoking functions asynchronously and chaining functions together to create applications. We finish by creating a GitHub bot which automatically respond to issues. The same method could be applied by connecting to online event-streams through IFTTT.com - this will enable you to build bots, auto-responders and integrations with social media and IoT devices.

openfaas-certinfo - OpenFaaS function that returns SSL/TLS certificate information for a given URL

  •    Go

OpenFaaS function that returns SSL/TLS certificate information for a given URL

connector-sdk - An SDK to connect events to OpenFaaS Functions

  •    Go

The Connector SDK is a Go library for building event-connectors for OpenFaaS. Read my Tweet about the topic.

kafka-connector - Consume Kafka events with OpenFaaS

  •    Go

The Kafka connector connects OpenFaaS functions to Kafka topics. This diagram shows the Kafka connector on the left hand side. It is responsible for querying the API Gateway for a list of functions. It will then build up a map or table of which functions have advertised an interested in which topics.

node8-express-template - Node.js 8 template for OpenFaaS with HTTP via Express.js

  •    Javascript

This template provides additional context and control over the HTTP response from your function. The template makes use of the OpenFaaS incubator project of-watchdog.

ofc-bootstrap - "one-click" CLI to install OpenFaaS Cloud on Kubernetes

  •    Go

You can run ofc-bootsrap against a remote Kubernetes cluster. The instructions below use kind or Kubernetes in Docker to test out the instructions on your local Docker daemon. If you'd like to restrict who can log in to just those who use a GitHub account then create a GitHub OAuth App.

openfaas-operator - Operator for OpenFaaS Functions on Kubernetes

  •    Go

If you are upgrading from faas-netes you need to remove all functions and redeploy them after installing the operator.

vcenter-connector - Trigger OpenFaaS Functions from events in VMware vCenter

  •    Go

vcenter-connector is an OpenFaaS event connector built to consume events from vCenter from vCenter. With this project your functions can subscribe to events generated by the changes (i.e. events) in your vCenter installation - for instance a VM being created, turned on or deleted. This allows you to extend vCenter's functionality by writing functions to execute each time an event is fired. An example may be tagging a VM with the date it was last turned on or applying a tag showing which user made a change to an object.

tensorflow-serving-openfaas - Example of using TensorFlow Serving with OpenFaaS

  •    Dockerfile

Example of packaging TensorFlow Serving with OpenFaaS to be deployed and managed through OpenFaaS with auto-scaling, scale-from-zero and a sane configuration for Kubernetes. You need to edit the stack.yml file and replace alexellis2 with your Docker Hub account.

leaderboard-app - GitHub leaderboard for your organisation or repo (Serverless SPA)

  •    Go

This application is an example of how to write a Single Page App (SPA) with a Serverless approach. It provides a live leaderboard for your GitHub organisation or repos showing comments made and issues opened by your community and contributors.

node10-express-template - Node.js 10 Express Template for OpenFaaS

  •    Javascript

This template provides additional context and control over the HTTP response from your function. The template makes use of the OpenFaaS incubator project of-watchdog.

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