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openconnect - OpenConnect client extended to support Palo Alto Networks' GlobalProtect VPN

  •    C

This is a modified version of the fantastic open-source VPN client OpenConnect which supports the PAN GlobalProtect VPN in its native modes (SSL and ESP)—with no assistance or cooperation needed from your VPN administrators. I began developing it in October 2016, and started using it for "real work" almost immediately. It has become increasingly polished since then.

vpn-slice - vpnc-script replacement for easy and secure split-tunnel VPN setup

  •    Python

This is a replacement for the vpnc-script used by OpenConnect or VPNC. Instead of trying to copy the behavior of standard corporate VPN clients, which normally reroute all your network traffic through the VPN, this one tries to minimize your contact with an intrusive VPN. This is also known as a split-tunnel VPN, since it splits your traffic between the VPN tunnel and your normal network interfaces.

pan-globalprotect-okta - PaloAlto Networks GlobalProtect VPN (integrated with OKTA) command-line client

  •    Python

Command-line client for PaloAlto Networks' GlobalProtect VPN, integrated with OKTA. This utility will do the authentication dance with OKTA to retrieve portal-userauthcookie, which will be passed to OpenConnect with PAN GlobalProtect support for creating actual VPN connection. Compatible with Python 2 and 3. Tested on FreeBSD, Linux and MacOS X. It also supports Google and OKTA two factor authentication and can work without user interaction, if initial TOTP secret is provided. Otherwise, it will ask for generated code.