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spectral - A flexible JSON/YAML linter for creating automated style guides, with baked in support for OpenAPI v2 & v3

  •    TypeScript

Find more installation methods in our documentation. Spectral, being a generic YAML/JSON linter, needs a ruleset in order to be able to lint files. You can learn more about the rulesets here.

full-stack-fastapi-postgresql - Full stack, modern web application generator

  •    Python

Generate a backend and frontend stack using Python, including interactive API documentation. Copy the contents and use that as password / secret key. And run that again to generate another secure key.

uvicorn-gunicorn-fastapi-docker - Docker image with Uvicorn managed by Gunicorn for high-performance FastAPI web applications in Python 3

  •    Python

To learn more about why Alpine images are discouraged for Python read the note at the end: 🚨 Alpine Python Warning. Note: There are tags for each build date. If you need to "pin" the Docker image version you use, you can select one of those tags. E.g. tiangolo/uvicorn-gunicorn-fastapi:python3.7-2019-10-15.

studio - The modern editor for API Design and Technical Writing.


Studio is Stoplight's next generation application for API design, modeling, and technical writing. A primary goal of Studio is to enrich, not replace, your existing workflows. When running locally it works fully offline, with folders and files on your computer just like your favorite IDE. When running in the browser, the web-native Git support allows you to effortlessly work with your existing repositories safely and efficiently. Studio comes with full support for the OpenAPI versions 2 and 3 specification formats for all functionality. That means full validation, mocking, and modeling support for both versions of the OpenAPI specification.

gnostic - A compiler for APIs described by the OpenAPI Specification with plugins for code generation and other API support tasks

  •    Swift

This repository contains a Go command line tool which converts JSON and YAML OpenAPI descriptions to and from equivalent Protocol Buffer representations. Protocol Buffers provide a language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. gnostic's Protocol Buffer models for the OpenAPI Specification can be used to generate code that includes data structures with explicit fields for the elements of an OpenAPI description. This makes it possible for developers to work with OpenAPI descriptions in type-safe ways, which is particularly useful in strongly-typed languages like Go and Swift.

apispec - A pluggable API specification generator

  •    Python

A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI Specification (f.k.a. the Swagger specification). Documentation is available at http://apispec.readthedocs.io/ .

openapi-generator-cli - A node package wrapper for https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator

  •    TypeScript

You need to execute openapi-generator-cli instead of openapi-generator from now on. To make that happen, a version management was added to the package. The first time you run the command openapi-generator-cli the last stable version of OpenAPITools/openapi-generator is downloaded by default.

safrs - SqlAlchemy Flask-Restful Swagger Json:API OpenAPI

  •    Python

SAFRS is an acronym for SqlAlchemy Flask-Restful Swagger. The purpose of this framework is to help python developers create a self-documenting JSON API for sqlalchemy database objects and relationships. These objects can be serialized to JSON and can be created, retrieved, updated and deleted through the JSON API. Optionally, custom resource object methods can be exposed and invoked using JSON. Class and method descriptions and examples can be provided in yaml syntax in the code comments. The description is parsed and shown in the swagger web interface. The result is an easy-to-use swagger/OpenAPI and JSON:API compliant API implementation.

full-stack-fastapi-couchbase - Full stack, modern web application generator

  •    Python

I'm currently not actively using Couchbase nor this generator for any project. If you are starting a new project from scratch, check the alternatives at the FastAPI docs: Project Generation.

angular-swagger-ui - An angularJS implementation of Swagger UI

  •    Javascript

OpenAPI (aka Swagger) helps you documenting your RESTful API.OpenAPI UI helps developers discovering your RESTful API by providing an online documentation with an integrated API explorer.

sticker - Sticker is a powerful yet boilerplate-free alternative to writing your web API.

  •    Python

Write boilerplate-free Python functions and use them as your API handlers. Sticker allows you to choose Flask, bottle.py, Sanic, or Tornado as your application runtime. You need a little bit of Python.

Tavis.OpenApi - Parser for OpenAPI Specification

  •    Javascript

Note: This library has been superceded by Microsoft.OpenAPI.NET. I don't expect any further development on this project. This library is a parser for the OpenAPI Specification. The model is based around OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

prance - Resolving Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 Parser

  •    Python

Prance provides parsers for Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 API specifications in Python. It uses flex, swagger_spec_validator or openapi_spec_validator to validate specifications, but additionally resolves JSON references in accordance with the OpenAPI spec. Mostly the latter involves handling non-URI references; OpenAPI is fine with providing relative file paths, whereas JSON references require URIs at this point in time.

apisprout - Lightweight, blazing fast, cross-platform OpenAPI 3 mock server with validation

  •    Go

Download the appropriate binary from the releases page. Contributions are very welcome. Please open a tracking issue or pull request and we can work to get things merged in.

kin-openapi - OpenAPI 3.0 implementation for Go (parsing, converting, validation, and more)

  •    Go

A Go project for handling OpenAPI files. We target the latest OpenAPI version (currently 3), but the project contains support for older OpenAPI versions too. Licensed under the MIT License.

openapi-first - Start your node REST app with designing API first!

  •    Javascript

This module initializes your API connect-style application with specification in OpenAPI Specification 3.0 format.

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