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dredd - Language-agnostic HTTP API Testing Framework

  •    Javascript

Dredd is a language-agnostic command-line tool for validating API description document against backend implementation of the API. Dredd reads your API description and step by step validates whether your API implementation replies with responses as they are described in the documentation.

oav - Tools for validating OpenAPI (Swagger) files.

  •    Javascript

Tools for validating OpenAPI (Swagger) files.Model validation checks whether definitions for request parameters and responses, match an expected input/output payload of the service.

oaichecker - Test your OpenAPI specs and your server API at the same time

  •    Go

Run you server tests and at the same time check if you tests match with you OpenAPI specs. As a developper I often forget to change the specs after a server modification and so my API documentation is always deprecated after 2 commits. In order to fix that I have written a little lib which takes you tests HTTP request/responses an matches them against your API specs. If you request doesn't matchs the specs, you request will fail and so you test also fail.

monkey - @FuzzyMonkeyCo's minion

  •    Go

FuzzyMonkey is an automated API testing service that behaves as your users would and minimizes sequences of calls that lead to a violation of your software's properties. monkey is the official open source client that executes the tests FuzzyMonkey generates.

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