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Zipkin - Distributed tracing system

  •    Java

Zipkin is a distributed tracing system. It helps gather timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problems in service architectures. Features include both the collection and lookup of this data. If you have a trace ID in a log file, you can jump directly to it. Otherwise, you can query based on attributes such as service, operation name, tags and duration. Some interesting data will be summarized for you, such as the percentage of time spent in a service, and whether or not operations failed.

Jaeger - A Distributed Tracing System

  •    Go

Jaeger is a Distributed Tracing System. It is inspired by Dapper and OpenZipkin, is a distributed tracing system released as open source by Uber Technologies. It can be used for monitoring microservice-based architectures.

zio-telemetry - ZIO-powered OpenTelemetry library

  •    Scala

OpenTracing is a standard and API for distributed tracing, i.e. collecting timings, and logs across process boundaries. Well known implementations are Jaeger and Zipkin. After importing import zio.opentracing._, additional combinators on ZIOs are available to support starting child spans, tagging, logging and managing baggage.


  •    Javascript

thundra-trace-chart is a React component to render open-tracing compatible traces and spans in a similar way to popular tools like Jeager and Zipkin. This component is using the project zipkin-lens in its roots. This component is under development and may not be the best solution for a custom use case. So you may want to fork it, or we would be happy to accept your PR's.

java-aws-lambda - AWS Lambda OpenTracing Java SDK

  •    Java

This SDK provides Open Tracing instrumentation for AWS Lambda. Releases for this project will be on an "as needed" basis. As new features of Lambda come out we will evaluate them and if useful will add support for them here. The SDK provides LambdaTracing and StreamLambdaTracing classes that instrument requests. When a Lambda function that is using an implementation of either class is invoked, the handler will obtain the globally registered OpenTracing Tracer and create/start an OpenTracing Span to capture timing information and key:value pairs (Tags/Logs) detailing the trace data.

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