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Android_Data - Some Android learning materials, hoping to help you learn Android development.

  •    Java

收集整理这份资料主要帮助初学者学习 Android 开发, 希望能快速帮助到他们快速入门, 找到适合自己学习资料, 节省再去收集学习资料时间. 这份资料我会不断的更新完善, 同时也欢迎更多具有丰富经验的Android开发者将自己常用的工具、学习资料、学习心得等分享上来, 我将定期筛选合并, 该份学习资料有不足的地方, 也请指出, 我会谦虚接受改正, 希望我能与大家一起来学习, 谢谢.

NetCoreCMS - NetCoreCMS is a modular theme supported Content Management System developed using ASP

  •    Javascript

NetCoreCMS is a Content Management System developed using ASP.Net Core 2.0. It is usable as web application framework. This is a modular theme supported web application. NetCoreCMS also support multiple language. This time we have added language support for only English and Bangla. The software is complete for internal testing which can be performed by people other than its developers. The testers are within the same organization or community.

Lyrics-King-React-Native - Lyrics King is React Native song lyrics search app, built with Expo

  •    Javascript

A React Native native app utilising Expo, React Navigation and fetching data from multiple API's (Deezer and Lyrics.OVH). UI built with Adobe XD. Built as a personal training project for React Native. Designed in Adobe XD. Design and development by Stephen Kempin. This project was bootstrapped with Create React Native App. This project has been built using Expo. Please install npm install expo-cli --global to run this project locally.