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  •    Javascript

osc.js is a library for reading and writing Open Sound Control messages in JavaScript. It works in both Node.js and in a web browser. There are several other OSC libraries available for JavaScript. However, most depend on Node.js-specific APIs. This means that they can't be run in a browser or on web-only platforms such as Chrome OS. osc.js uses only cross-platform APIs (TypedArrays and DataView), ensuring that it can run in any modern JavaScript environment.

.NET Gadgeteer Projects from Digital Interaction


Digital Interaction Group develops Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer modules, code and example projects.

node-red-contrib-osc - Open Sound Control (OSC) support for Node-RED

  •    Javascript

The node-red-contrib-osc module adds support to Node-RED for decoding and encoding OSC (Open Sound Control) messages. This then makes it easy to bridge between other protocols, for example HTTP or MQTT.

omgosc - An OSC implementation for Plask / NodeJS

  •    Javascript

An OSC implementation for Plask / NodeJS

osc-msg - OSC message decoder/encoder with fault tolerant

  •    Javascript

Where args is an array of OSC Arguments. oscType is optional. args can be a single element.

node-osc-min - Open Sound Control utilities for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

This package provides some node.js utilities for working with OSC, a format for sound and systems control. Here we implement the OSC 1.1 specification. OSC is a transport-independent protocol, so we don't provide any server objects, as you should be able to use OSC over any transport you like. The most common is probably udp, but tcp is not unheard of. more examples are available in the examples/ directory.