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OpenGraph-Net - .Net Open Graph Parser written in CShap

A simple .net assembly to use to parse Open Graph information from either a URL or an HTML snippet. You can read more about the Open Graph protocol.

metaphor - Open Graph, Twitter Card, and oEmbed Metadata Collector

metaphor uses three web protocols to obtain information about web resources for the purpose of embedding smaller versions of those resources in other web resources or applications. It is very common for applications to expand links into a formatted preview of the link destination. However, obtaining this information requires using multiple protocols to ensure maximum coverage.This module uses the Open Graph protocol, Twitter Cards, the oEmbed protocol, and information gathered from the resource HTML markup and HTTP headers. It takes an optimistic approach, trying to gather information from as many sources as possible.

html-metadata - MetaData html scraper and parser for Node.js (supports Promises and callback style)

The aim of this library is to be a comprehensive source for extracting all html embedded metadata. Currently it supports Schema.org microdata using a third party library, a native BEPress, Dublin Core, Highwire Press, JSON-LD, Open Graph, Twitter, EPrints, PRISM, and COinS implementation, and some general metadata that doesn't belong to a particular standard (for instance, the content of the title tag, or meta description tags).You can also pass an options object as the first argument containing extra parameters. Some websites require the user-agent or cookies to be set in order to get the response.

open-graph-protocol-tools - Open Graph Protocol validator

Open Graph protocol enhances information associated with a webpage through key-value pairs included as <meta> elements in your HTML. This additional data is consumed by social sharing sites, populating a story preview for shared links and referenced objects in the social graph.This project includes tools to validate and sanitize inputs before generating Open Graph protocol markup on your webpages. This project standardizes outputs for easy indexing by consuming agents.

PyOpenGraph - PyOpenGraph is a library written in Python for parsing Open Graph protocol information from web sites

PyOpenGraph is a library written in Python for parsing Open Graph protocol information from web sites.To install, download the archive at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyOpenGraph and decompress, run python setup.py install.