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An extremely fast, easily refactorable implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged/ing, using dynamic proxy generation, as well as a robust change tracking engine.

evm-opcodes - Ethereum opcodes and instruction reference


This reference consolidates EVM opcode information from the yellow paper, stack exchange, solidity source, parity source, evm-opcode-gas-costs and Manticore. New issues and contributions are welcome, and are covered by bounties from Trail of Bits. Join us in #ethereum on the Empire Hacking Slack to discuss Ethereum security tool development.

LicenseToCIL - Semi-safely generate CIL in F#

  •    F#

Each CIL opcode gets its own function. This way, the function for generating the ldstr opcode takes a string. This might sound obvious, but the underlying System.Reflection.Emit API represents each opcode as an enum and there is nothing stopping you from writing generator.Emit(OpCodes.Ldstr, 27). Most opcodes have a consistent stack behavior. For example, the add opcode requires the there be two numbers on the stack. It will pop the two, add them, and push the result.

Opcodes - Database of CPU Opcodes

  •    Python

This project is a spin-off from PeachPy assembler. This work is a research project at the HPC Garage lab in the Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, School of Computational Science and Engineering.

simple.vm - Simple virtual machine which inteprets bytecode.

  •    C

This repository contains the implementation for a simple virtual-machine, along with a driver which will read a program from a file and execute it via that virtual machine. This particular virtual machine is intentionally simple, but despite that it is hopefully implemented in a readable fashion. ("Simplicity" here means that we support only a small number of instructions, and the registers the virtual CPU possesses can store strings and integers, but not floating-point values.) This particular virtual machine is register-based, having ten registers which can be used to store strings or integer values.

solidity-create2-example - Example of how to use the CREATE2 opcode released in the Constantinople update for Ethereum

  •    Javascript

Example of how to use the CREATE2 opcode released in the Constantinople update for Ethereum. These tutorial will show you how to predetermine a smart contract address off-chain and then deploy using create2 from a smart contract.

Azote - Fast and lightweight AArch64 disassembler.

  •    Pascal

Azote is the faster and lightweight disassembler for AArch64. Very suitable for analysis. For example, we decode 0x8B348331 opcode.

opcodesDB - x86-64 | ARM (AArch32/AArch64/THUMB) full instruction set.

  •    Perl

opcodesDB is a CPU low level environment representation (registers, flags, instructions, ...). Data are listed in a packed dynamic structure which can be unpacked by a parser at any time. This project is a fruit of many years of development and a lot of attempts (Parsable-Instructions, asmdb) to standardize CPU environment.

Parsable-Instructions - A parsable list of x86 instructions.


The project is dead ! No longer supported. Consider using opcodesDB.