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gopcua - [WIP] Simple OPC UA implementation in Go Programming Language

  •    Go

gopcua provides easy and painless handling of OPC UA Binary Protocol in pure Golang. See example directory for sample codes. Currently simple client, server implementation and sender, which lets user to manipulate any parts including connection setup sequence, are available.

OPCModbusUAServer - An open source OPC UA server for Modbus TCP devices

  •    Javascript

An open source OPC UA server for Modbus TCP devices. The project makes use of the powerful open source NodeOPCUA (http://node-opcua.github.io/) package, combined with the jsmodbus (https://github.com/Cloud-Automation/node-modbus) package to build the OPC server.

node-opcua-logger - A collector for logging OPCUA data to InfluxDB (and possibly other later).

  •    Javascript

A logger for logging OPCUA data to InfluxDB (and possibly other later). Has been running in production in several factories since mid 2016. This application will connect to an OPC UA server, subscribe to the measurements in your configuration and log them to an influxdb instance. It first buffers the data in a local db, so that in case influxdb is temporarily unavailable, your data is not lost.

azure-iiot-opc-vault-service - Azure Industrial IoT OPC Vault Service

  •    CSharp

The certificate management service for OPC UA includes the OPC Vault Microservice to implement the CA certificate cloud service, a ASP.Net Core Sample Certificate Management Web Application front end and a OPC Vault Edge Module to implement a OPC UA GDS server for local connectivity. A Powershell deployment script automatically builds and deploys the services to your subscription. By default, security is configured for a production system.

OpcUaHelperOld - 一个OPC UA客户端二次封装类,使用本组件提供的类库,可以简单便捷的读写OPC-UA服务器上的数据,引用,方法等等操作。本版本为旧版,新版请参照:https://github

  •    CSharp

一个OPC UA客户端二次封装类,使用本组件提供的类库,可以简单便捷的读写OPC-UA服务器上的数据,引用,方法等等操作。本版本为旧版,新版请参照:https://github.com/dathlin/OpcUaHelper

HRIM - An information model for robot hardware

  •    Python

The Hardware Robot Information Model or HRIM for short, is a common interface that facilitates interoperability among different vendors of robot hardware components with the purpose of building modular robots. HRIM focuses on the standardization of the logical interfaces between robot modules, designing a set of rules that each device has to meet in order to achieve interoperability.

de.dentrassi.camel.milo - This component is now available in Camel 2.19.0

  •    Java

This is an Apache Camel adapter for OPC UA, based on the implementation of Eclipse Milo™

milo-ece2017 - Materials about my talk around Eclipse Milo at EclipseCon Europe 2017

  •    Java

Note: The master branch shows updated examples for Eclipse Milo™ 0.3.x. For the 0.2.x examples, please switch to the milo-0.2.x branch.

ui - UI for Mainflux IoT platform

  •    TypeScript

For a quick setup, pre-built images from Docker Hub can be used. First, make sure that docker and docker-compose are installed. Also, stop existing Mainflux containers if any.

opcua-datasource - An OPC UA datasource for reading from OPC UA servers (DA/HDA/AE) into Grafana directly

  •    CSS

Utilizing the datasource plugin framework, this projects allows you to access data from OPC UA servers directly from Grafana. Restart Grafana and you should have the datasource installed.

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