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jsonplaceholder - A simple online fake REST API server

  •    Javascript

JSONPlaceholder is a simple fake REST API for testing and prototyping.It's like an image placeholder but for web developers.

jspaint - 🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras

  •    Javascript

The goal is to remake MS Paint (including its little-known features), improve on it, and to extend the types of images it can edit. So far, it does this pretty well.Ah yes, good old paint. Not the one with the ribbons or the new skeuomorphic one with the interface that can take up nearly half the screen. And sorry, not the even newer Paint 3D.

openspades - Compatible client of Ace of Spades 0.75

  •    C++

OpenSpades is a compatible client of Ace of Spades 0.75. Once installed, you'll be able to launch OpenSpades from inside the desktop menu or from your terminal with the openspades command.

bookreader - The Internet Archive BookReader

  •    Javascript

The Internet Archive BookReader is used to view books from the Internet Archive online and can also be used to view other books. And then open http://localhost:8000/BookReaderDemo/demo-simple.html.

is-online - Check if the internet connection is up

  •    Javascript

Works in Node.js and the browser (with browserify/webpack).In the browser you have navigator.onLine, but it's useless as it only tells you if there's a local connection, and not whether the internet is accessible.



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Cloudy - Online Storage Library


The goal of Cloudy is to be an online storage library to enable access for the most common storage services : DropBox, Skydrive, Google Docs, Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3. It'll work in .NET 3.5 and up, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

Dreamsplan.com - time / task / project management


Simplest online TASK MANAGEMENT and PLANNING tool - single click interface, superfast, no registration, touch supported

Magic Cove : A Card Game Simulator


Magic Cove: A Card Game Simulator is a program that allow users to battle against friends in the game Magic the Gathering or another card game.(Developed in C#)

Gistlyn - Run Roslyn Gists

  •    TypeScript

Github project powering gistlyn.com - A C# Gist IDE for creating, running and sharing stand-alone, executable C# snippets.Gistlyn is the ultimate collaborative tool for trying out and exploring C# and .NET libraries on NuGet from a zero install - modern browser. It's ideal for use as a companion tool for trying out libraries during development or on the go from the comfort of your iPad by going to gistlyn.com.

wavey - An HTML5 online audio editor (pre-alpha: not usable yet)

  •    CoffeeScript

Wavey is a simple web-based digital audio workstation (DAW), currently in pre-alpha.*Audio recording quality may or may not match native applications in a given browser. Record redundantly with another application if it matters to you.

is-reachable - Check if servers are reachable

  •    Javascript

Works in Node.js and the browser (with browserify).The Node.js version will do a TCP handshake with the target's port. It attempts to detect cases where a router redirects the request to itself.

khan - khan will drive all your enemies to the sea (and also take care of your game's clans)!

  •    Go

What is Khan? Khan is an HTTP "resty" API for managing clans for games. It could be used to manage groups of people, but our aim is players in a game.Khan allows your app to focus on the interaction required to creating clans and managing applications, instead of the backend required for actually doing it.

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