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weapp-one - 仿 「ONE · 一个」 的微信小程序

  •    Javascript

仿 「ONE · 一个」 的微信小程序

once - Run a function exactly one time

  •    Javascript

Only call a function once.Ironically, the prototype feature makes this module twice as complicated as necessary.

onetime - Ensure a function is only called once

  •    Javascript

When called multiple times it will return the return value from the first call.Unlike the module once, this one isn't naughty extending Function.prototype.


  •    Javascript

This is a simple command line based NPR One client for OS X and Linux. A full tutorial with setup instructions can be found in the Adafruit Learning System. This package requires the latest stable version of Node.js (v6.0 or higher due to the use of es6).

many-to-one - Sync and keep in sync multiple files to one file

  •    CoffeeScript

Edit many files as one. Easily search, replace, move code across several files. Sync a, b and c to bundle, in order b, c, a.

one-line - A Node.js app where you can only contribute one line at a time

  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js app where you can only contribute one line at a time. Please contribute! Your line can be anywhere in the program but you cannot remove a line.

onering - A collection of concurrent ring buffers

  •    Go

Well, no, it's not really just one ring, but a collection of concurrent ring buffers for different scenarios, so it's even better! These queues don't use CAS operations to make them suitable for low latency/real-time environments and as a side effect of that, they preserve total order of messages. As a reward for finding flaws/bugs in this, I offer 64bit of random numbers for each. A couple of things in it were inspired by the very cool LMAX Disruptor, so thanks @mjpt777! It's not anywhere near as intrusive and opinionated as the Disruptor though. It's not a framework and its main goal is to be (very) simple.

MyOne - 【已不再维护】精仿《一个》 ONE for iOS

  •    Objective-C

【已不再维护】精仿《一个》 ONE for iOS

onesignal - A Wrapper for OneSignal Push Notification Delivery for Node

  •    Javascript

A Wrapper for OneSignal Push Notification Delivery for Node.js. Provides the minimal functionality to send notifications for iOS and Android. Register a new device and its identifier to OneSignal and get OneSignal ID.

A-Joke - :clown_face: A-Joke { 一个笑话,目的就是能够在工作之余博君一笑,尽得人生笑开颜 }

  •    Python

:clown_face: A-Joke { 一个笑话,目的就是能够在工作之余博君一笑,尽得人生笑开颜 }

one-platform - An integrated application hosting platform.

  •    TypeScript

This will start the service along with any dependent services/databases required for the service (for eg. mongo). Note: The service name should match the service labels given the docker-compose.yml in the root directory.

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