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incident-response-docs - PagerDuty's Incident Response Documentation.

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This is a public version of the Incident Response process used at PagerDuty. It is also used to prepare new employees for on-call responsibilities, and provides information not only on preparing for an incident, but also what to do during and after. See the about page for more information on what this documentation is and why it exists. You can view the documentation directly in this repository, or rendered as a website at https://response.pagerduty.com.

sloth - 🦥 Easy and simple Prometheus SLO (service level objectives) generator

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Meet the easiest way to generate SLOs for Prometheus. Sloth generates understandable, uniform and reliable Prometheus SLOs for any kind of service. Using a simple SLO spec that results in multiple metrics and multi window multi burn alerts.

oncall - Oncall is a calendar tool designed for scheduling and managing on-call shifts

  •    Javascript

See admin docs for information on how to run and manage Oncall.Setup app config by editing configs/config.yaml.


  •    Ruby

This utility is intended to enable the creation of a Twilio phone number that redirects incoming calls to whomever is on-call at the time.

operational-review-docs - PagerDuty's public operational review documentation.

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This is a public version of the Operational Review framework that PagerDuty is adapting and implementing internally. It is used to ensure that PagerDuty leadership is aligned on the impact that real-time, digital operations have on our business outcomes. See the About page for more information. You can view the documentation directly in this repository, or rendered as a website at https://reviews.pagerduty.com.

alertgram - Easy and simple prometheus alertmanager alerts on telegram

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Alertgram is the easiest way to forward alerts to Telegram (Supports Prometheus alertmanager alerts). Everything started as a way of forwarding Prometheus alertmanager alerts to Telegram because the solutions that I found were too complex, I just wanted to forward alerts to channels without trouble. And Alertgram is just that, a simple app that forwards alerts to Telegram groups and channels and some small features that help like metrics and dead man's switch.

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