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OpenOS is a web-based operating system, that, when finished, will be PHP based with login.

omega-supreme - Omega supreme adds messaging between multiple primus servers

  •    Javascript

Known for his great strength and greater courage, Omega Supreme is the Autobots’ last line of defense against the Decepticons. He will stand unwaveringly against overwhelming odds, and although outwardly grim, he is known by those with enough insight to actually relish the importance of his task – Omega knows that if he falls, it is unlikely there will be any remaining Autobots to take his place, but he would not have it any other way.In Primus mode, Omega Supreme has an incredible configurability, is able to broadcast a message with a single request and can distribute messages to single sparks. In place of his left hand, he is armed with authentication which can pulverize any attacker.

omega_js - A simple node.js GPIO helper for the Onion Omega.

  •    Javascript

A simple Node.js GPIO helper for the Onion Omega. This module is written in such a way to produce very readable and intuitive code. It purposely avoids using terms like "pullup/pulldown" and "active low/active_high" with the intent to be more accessible to people just getting started in hardware. Under the hood it relies on the GPIO Sysfs Interface.

meson - Clojure Client Library for the Mesos HTTP API

  •    Clojure

meson noun. A functional particle composed of a Mesos deployment and a Mesos HTTP API service bound together by the strongly interacting force of Clojure. This project is a work in progress.