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HierList ASP.NET WebControl

  •    ASPNET

The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> html tags.

ol-layerswitcher - Layer control for OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

Grouped layer list control for an OpenLayer map. All layers should have a title property and base layers should have a type property set to base. Group layers (ol.layer.Group) can be used to visually group layers together. See examples/layerswitcher.js for usage.

react-geo - A set of geo related modules to use in combination with React, Ant Design and OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

A set of geo related modules. To use in combination with react, antd and ol. You can find a complete Feature List in then WiKi.

ol-mapscale - OpenLayers map scale control with scale string

  •    Javascript

Adds custom control to OpenLayers map. Shows scale line and scale string. In Browser environment you should add script tag pointing to UMD module after OpenLayers js files.

ol-rotate-feature - Rotate feature interaction for OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

Plugin adds interaction that allows to rotate vector features around some anchor. NOTE: ol-rotate-feature starting from version v2.x supports ol v5.x. To use it with previous version of the OpenLayers ol package you should install v1.x version.

vuelayers - Web map Vue components with the power of OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

VueLayers is components library that brings the powerful OpenLayers API to the Vue.js reactive world. It can display maps with tiled, raster or vector layers loaded from different sources. NOTE: you are reading README for latest version v0.11.x that is based on the OpenLayers v5. To use VueLayers with OpenLayers v4 go to the v0.10.x branch.

ol-util - A set of helper classes for working with OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

This class provides some static methods which might be helpful when working with digitize functions to animate features. Moves / translates an OlFeature to the given pixel delta in in the end with given duration in ms, using the given style.