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bell - Third-party login plugin for hapi

  •    Javascript

Third-party authentication plugin for hapi.bell ships with built-in support for authentication using Facebook, GitHub, Google, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Stripe, Twitter, Yahoo, Foursquare, VK, ArcGIS Online, Windows Live, Nest, Phabricator, BitBucket, Dropbox, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Mixer, Salesforce, Pinterest, Discord, DigitalOcean, AzureAD, trakt.tv and Okta. It also supports any compliant OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 based login services with a simple configuration object.

awsprocesscreds - Process credential providers for AWS SDKs and Tools

  •    Python

A collection of process-based credential providers to be used with the AWS CLI and related tools.This will cache your credentials by default, which will allow you to run multiple commands without having to enter your password each time. You can disable the cache by specifying --no-cache.

omniauth-okta - OAuth2 strategy for Okta

  •    Ruby

Strategy to authenticate with Okta via OAuth2 in OmniAuth. This strategy uses Okta's OpenID Connect API with OAuth2. See their developer docs for more details.

ng-demo - Angular and Angular CLI Tutorial

  •    TypeScript

This tutorial shows you how to build a simple search and edit application using Angular and Angular CLI version 6.0. If you’d rather use Angular 5, see this version (also available via DocGist). If you’d like to get right to it, the source is on GitHub. To run the app, use ng serve. To test it, run ng test. To run its integration tests, run ng e2e.

cloudfront-auth - An AWS CloudFront Lambda@Edge function to authenticate requests using Google Apps, Microsoft, and GitHub login

  •    Javascript

Google Apps (G Suite), Microsoft Azure AD, GitHub, and OKTA authentication for CloudFront using Lambda@Edge. The primary use case for cloudfront-auth is to serve private S3 content over HTTPS without running a proxy server to authenticate requests. Upon successful authentication, a cookie (named TOKEN) with the value of a signed JWT is set and the user redirected back to the originally requested path. Upon each request, Lambda@Edge checks the JWT for validity (signature, expiration date, audience and matching hosted domain) and will redirect the user to configured provider's login when their session has timed out.

okta-auth-js - The official js wrapper around Okta's auth API

  •    Javascript

The Okta Auth JavaScript SDK builds on top of our Authentication API and OAuth 2.0 API to enable you to create a fully branded sign-in experience using JavaScript. You can learn more on the Okta + JavaScript page in our documentation.

okta_aws - Tool for accessing the AWS API for an account you normally access via okta

  •    Python

This tool is for accessing the AWS API for AWS accounts you normally log into via okta. Normally, when you log in to an account via okta, you are assigned an IAM role, and don't have an actual user within AWS. This means you don't have any API keys you can use to access the AWS API via the command line. This tool will prompt you for your Okta credentials, and generate temporary API keys you can use to access the AWS API with.

terraform-provider-okta - terraform provider for okta authentication service

  •    Go

This provider plugin is maintained by the Terraform team at Articulate. This plugin requires two inputs to run: the okta organization name and the okta api token. The okta base url is not required and will default to "okta.com" if left out.

clisso - Get temporary credentials for cloud providers from the command line.

  •    Go

Clisso (pronounced /ˈklIsoʊ/) allows you to retrieve temporary credentials for cloud platforms by authenticating with an identity provider (IdP). Clisso uses the SAML standard to authenticate users.

yak - A tool to log in to AWS through Okta

  •    Go

A tool to generate access keys for AWS using Okta. If you want a backronym, try 'Your AWS Kredentials'. We produce builds of yak for OSX and Linux. Windows is not currently supported.

okta-angular - Angular SDK for Okta's OIDC flow

  •    TypeScript

Okta Angular SDK builds on top of @okta/okta-auth-js. This SDK adds integration with @angular/router and provides additional logic and components designed to help you quickly add authentication and authorization to your Angular single-page web application. This library has been tested for compatibility with the following Angular versions: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ⚠️ Angular versions older than 7 may not be fully compatible with all dependencies of this library, due to an older Typescript version which does not contain a definition for the unknown type. You may be able to workaround this issue by setting skipLibChecks: true in your tsconfig.json file.

okta-react-native - OIDC enablement for React Native applications

  •    Swift

The Okta React Native library makes it easy to add authentication to your React Native app. This library is a wrapper around Okta OIDC Android and Okta OIDC iOS. You can learn more on the Okta + ReactNative page in our documentation. You can also download our sample applications.

terraform-provider-okta - Terraform Okta provider

  •    Go

The Terraform Okta provider is a plugin for Terraform that allows for the full lifecycle management of Okta resources. This provider is maintained internally by the Okta development team. All the resources and data sources has one or more examples to give you an idea of how to use this provider to build your own Okta infrastructure. Provider's official documentation is located in the official terraform registry, or here in form of raw markdown files.

rust-jwt-simple - A secure, standard-conformant, easy to use JWT implementation for Rust.

  •    Rust

A new JWT (JSON Web Tokens) implementation for Rust that focuses on simplicity, while avoiding common JWT security pitfalls. jwt-simple uses only pure Rust implementations, and can be compiled out of the box to WebAssembly/WASI. It is fully compatible with Fastly's Compute@Edge service.

pan-globalprotect-okta - PaloAlto Networks GlobalProtect VPN (integrated with OKTA) command-line client

  •    Python

Command-line client for PaloAlto Networks' GlobalProtect VPN, integrated with OKTA. This utility will do the authentication dance with OKTA to retrieve portal-userauthcookie, which will be passed to OpenConnect with PAN GlobalProtect support for creating actual VPN connection. Compatible with Python 2 and 3. Tested on FreeBSD, Linux and MacOS X. It also supports Google and OKTA two factor authentication and can work without user interaction, if initial TOTP secret is provided. Otherwise, it will ask for generated code.


  •    Javascript

This app provides a SAML SP and a SAML IdP that allows it to proxy SAML requests from Okta, which VA.gov will use as an OpenID Connect provider, and ID.me which VA.gov currently uses a authentication service. Requires Docker and/or Node.js > 10.

terraform-okta-aws - Terraform modules for configuring Okta SSO in AWS

  •    HCL

NOTE: This module uses Terraform 12 syntax. If you're using Terraform 11, see Usage. This repo contains Terraform modules for setting up/connecting AWS account(s) with an Okta AWS app. A Terraform module refers to a self-contained packages of Terraform configurations that are managed as a group.

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