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pyresim - Reservoir simulator in Python language

  •    Jupyter

(*) These aspects are still not available on the first launch (in 2021). It will be available on the second launch (afterwards). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

python-bootcamp-for-geoengineers - Python source codes and notebooks from my courses I've given to SPEs and in Marietta College, Ohio, US

  •    Jupyter

This repository contains all Python source codes, notebooks, and data that I use for my course I've given to SPE student chapters and in PioPetro (Marietta College, Ohio, US). Topics of these courses revolve around basics of Python programming and applications in exploration and production. This course consisted of 3 sessions in 1 day; first session about basic Python programming, second session about Python application in exploration (basic well-log analysis); and third session about Python application in production (basic decline curve analysis of production data).

reservoir-engineering - Python worked examples and problems from Reservoir Engineering textbooks (Brian Towler SPE Textbook Vol

  •    Jupyter

All examples and problems from the book are worked on Python language. Appendix A contains values and tabulations for solving certain equations in the book.

neqsim - NeqSim (Non-Equilibrium Simulator) is a library for calculation of fluid properties and process simulation

  •    Java

NeqSim is the main part of the NeqSim project. NeqSim (Non-Equilibrium Simulator) is a Java library for estimation of fluid behavior and process design for oil and gas production. The basis for NeqSim is a library of fundamental mathematical models related to phase behavior and physical properties of oil and gas. NeqSim is easilly extended with new method. NeqSim development was initiated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). NeqSim releases are available as java packages (jar files) and as source code. NeqSim can be used in a third party application by adding NeqSim.jar to the classpath.

neqsimpython - NeqSim is a Java library for estimation of fluid behavior and process simulation

  •    Jupyter

NeqSim Python is part of the NeqSim project. NeqSim Python is a Python interface to the NeqSim Java library for estimation of fluid behavior and process design for oil and gas production. NeqSim Python toolboxes (eg. thermoTools and processTools) are implemented to streamline use of neqsim in Python. Examples of use are given in jupyter workbooks. See the NeqSim Python Wiki for how to use NeqSim Python via Python or in Jupyter notebooks. Also see examples of use of NeqSim for Gas Processing in Colab. Learn and ask questions in Discussions for use and development of NeqSim.

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