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ORY Hydra - OpenID Connect and OAuth Provider written in Go

  •    Go

ORY Hydra is a hardened, OpenID Certified OAuth 2.0 Server and OpenID Connect Provider optimized for low-latency, high throughput, and low resource consumption. ORY Hydra is not an identity provider (user sign up, user login, password reset flow), but connects to your existing identity provider through a login and consent app. Implementing the login and consent app in a different language is easy, and exemplary consent apps (Go, Node) and SDKs are provided.

nextjs-auth0 - Next.js SDK for signing in with Auth0

  •    TypeScript

The Auth0 Next.js SDK is a library for implementing user authentication in Next.js applications. Create a Regular Web Application in the Auth0 Dashboard.

NextAuth.js - Authentication for Next.js

  •    Typescript

NextAuth.js is a complete open source authentication solution for Next.js applications. It is designed from the ground up to support Next.js and Serverless. It is designed to work with any OAuth service, it supports OAuth 1.0, 1.0A and 2.0. It also supports email / passwordless authentication, JSON Web Tokens, database sessions.

Authlib - An ambitious authentication library for OAuth 1, OAuth 2, OpenID clients and servers.

  •    Python

The ultimate Python library in building OAuth and OpenID Connect servers. JWS, JWK, JWA, JWT are included. Authlib is compatible with Python2.7+ and Python3.6+.

casdoor - A UI-first centralized authentication / Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform based on OAuth 2

  •    Javascript

We provide two start up methods for all kinds of users. Casdoor provides two run modes, the difference is binary size and user prompt.

node-oidc-provider - OpenID Provider(OP) implementation for node

  •    Javascript

oidc-provider is an OpenID Provider implementation of OpenID Connect. It allows to export a complete mountable or standalone OpenID Provider implementation. This implementation does not dictate a fixed data models or persistence store, instead, you must provide adapters for these. A generic in memory adapter is available to get you started as well as feature-less dev-only views to be able to get off the ground. The following specifications are implemented by oidc-provider. Note that not all features are enabled by default, check the configuration section on how to enable them.

passport-azure-ad - Azure Active Directory Authentication Strategies using Node and Passportjs

  •    Javascript

passport-azure-ad is a collection of Passport Strategies to help you integrate with Azure Active Directory. It includes OpenID Connect, WS-Federation, and SAML-P authentication and authorization. These providers let you integrate your Node app with Microsoft Azure AD so you can use its many features, including web single sign-on (WebSSO), Endpoint Protection with OAuth, and JWT token issuance and validation. passport-azure-ad has been tested to work with both Microsoft Azure Active Directory and with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services.

o365-moodle - Office 365 plugins for Moodle

  •    PHP

This repo is where development on all Office 365 plugins for Moodle takes place. At designated intervals, updated versions of these plugins are pushed to individual repos and updated in the moodle.org listings.The master branch of this repository contains the most up-to-date code. As issues are completed and new features are added, they are immediately added to master. Master should be fairly stable, however it is the absolute newest code and not intended for production systems. Periodically (about every two weeks), all completed issues are packaged into releases and added to the STABLE branches. You'll find a stable branch for each version of Moodle supported - MOODLE_27_STABLE would be for Moodle 2.7, for example. These branches contain production-ready, stable code.

node-openid-client - A Relying Party(RP) implementation for node

  •    Javascript

openid-client is a server side OpenID Relying Party (RP, Client) implementation for Node.js, supports passport. The following client/RP features from OpenID Connect/OAuth2.0 specifications are implemented by openid-client.

kuberos - An OIDC authentication helper for Kubernetes' kubectl

  •    Go

An OIDC authentication helper for Kubernetes' kubectl. The latter two of these parameters must be aquired by performing an initial OIDC authentication outside of kubectl. OIDC is an awkward authentication method for a commandline tool as it is entirely browser based. Existing implementations (see Alternatives) provide CLI tools to handle this initial authentication. These CLIs will typically require the user connect to localhost in their Browser to perform the initial authentication.

auth-backends - Custom authentication backends and views for edX services

  •    Python

This package contains custom authentication backends, views, and pipeline steps used by edX services for single sign-on. This package is compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.5, and Django 1.8 through 1.11.

oidc-auth-manager - An OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication manager (OP, RP and RS) for decentralized peer-to-peer authentication

  •    Javascript

An OpenID Connect (OIDC) peer node (a combination Identity Provider, Relying Party, Authorization Server and Resource Server) for decentralized authentication projects such as Solid.

konfigurator - CLI Tool to generate Kubernetes kubeconfig files using oidc tokens

  •    Go

This tool generates a kubeconfig file with the OpenID Connect token authentication, allowing a user to use kubectl with OIDC configured clusters.

dex-operator - A Kubernetes operator for Dex

  •    Go

A Dex operator for Kubernetes, developed inside the Kubic project.

dexter - dexter is a Kubernetes OIDC helper with as much automation as possible

  •    Go

dexter is a OIDC (OpenId Connect) helper to create a hassle-free Kubernetes login experience powered by Google as Identity Provider. All you need is a properly configured Google client ID & secret. dexter will open a new browser window and redirect you to Google. The only interaction you have is the login at Google and your k8s config is updated automatically.

osprey - Kubernetes OIDC CLI login

  •    Go

Client and service for providing access to Kubernetes clusters. The client provides a user login command which will request a username and a password and forward them to the service. The service will forward the credentials to an OpenId Connect Provider (OIDC) to authenticate the user and will return a JWT token with the user details. The token along with some additional cluster information will be used to generate the kubectl configuration to be used to access Kubernetes clusters.

auth0-xamarin-oidc-samples - Auth0 OIDC Client with Xamarin applications

  •    CSharp

This repository contains all the samples for the Auth0 Xamarin Quickstart. Please refer to the README files in the individual folders for more information.

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