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honukai-iterm-zsh - Honukai theme and colors for Oh My ZSH and iTerm


See how it looks with blur and transparency (video). The theme is based on the wonderfully made ys theme from the official oh-my-zsh repo.

spaceship-prompt - :rocket::star: A Zsh prompt for Astronauts

  •    Shell

A Zsh prompt for Astronauts. Spaceship is a minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable Zsh prompt. It combines everything you may need for convenient work, without unnecessary complications, like a real spaceship.

oh-my-fish - The Fishshell Framework.

  •    Shell

Oh My Fish provides core infrastructure to allow you to install packages which extend or modify the look of your shell. It's fast, extensible and easy to use.

hyper-pokemon - 🌈 Tailor-made Pokémon themes for your Hyper terminal

  •    Javascript

All of the wonderful Pokémon backgrounds were created by the amazing Teej/TopHat, MapleRose & Ferretdayo.Do you enjoy this project? Maybe you love Star Wars, Yoda or Darth Vader? Then, you will also love our Hyper Star Wars theme project. Go have a peek.

zsh-vi-mode - 💻 A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH.

  •    Shell

💻 A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH. Maybe you have experienced the default Vi mode in Zsh, after turning on the default Vi mode, you gradually found that it had many problems, some features were not perfect or non-existent, and some behaviors even were different from the native Vi(Vim) mode.

zsh-nvm - Zsh plugin for installing, updating and loading nvm

  •    Shell

nvm is an awesome tool but it can be kind of a pain to install and keep up to date. This zsh plugin allows you to quickly setup nvm once, save it in your dotfiles, then never worry about it again.The plugin will install the latest stable release of nvm if you don't already have it, and then automatically source it for you. You can upgrade nvm to the latest version whenever you want without losing your installed node versions by running nvm upgrade.

zsh-in-docker - Install Zsh, Oh-My-Zsh and plugins inside a Docker container with one line!

  •    Shell

This is a script to automate Oh My Zsh installation in development containers. Works with any image based on Alpine, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or Amazon Linux. -t <theme> - Selects the theme to be used. Options are available here. By default the script installs and uses Powerlevel10k, one of the "fastest and most awesome" themes for zsh. This is my recommended theme. If <theme> is a url, the script will try to install the theme using git clone.

wakatime-zsh-plugin - Track how much time you have spent in your terminal

  •    Shell

This plugin provides zsh and wakatime integration. In other words, it tracks all time you spend in a terminal. Unlike other plugins, this one tries to keep all your spent time in the same wakatime's project. This command will install Wakatime's CLI.

history-sync - oh-my-zsh plugin for synced zsh_history; with encryption :)

  •    Shell

An Oh My Zsh plugin for GPG encrypted, Internet synchronized Zsh history using Git. Check out the screen cast.

fz - Cli shell plugin, the missing fuzzy tab completion feature of z

  •    Shell

A shell plugin that seamlessly adds fuzzy search to tab completion of z, lets you easy to jump around among your historical directories. Not any additional key binding is needed. Currently supports Bash and zsh. By simply sourcing corresponding script file for your shell, you're all set. However, this plugin is sitting on top of z and fzf, so you must have them installed as well.

dotfiles - :round_pushpin: My dotfiles for macOS using Zsh, Vim, and Tmux

  •    Vim

These are the dotfiles I use on my Macs, currently running macOS High Sierra (10.13). They are geared primarily towards Ruby/Rails and Node.js web development using Zsh (via Oh-My-Zsh), Vim/Neovim, and Tmux. Also included are my iTerm2 and Terminal.app profiles. ▹ Provision a new Mac with Mac Bootstrap.

mac-bootstrap - :computer: Provision a new Mac for web development with dotfiles + Zsh, Vim, and Tmux

  •    Shell

The purpose of this script is to provision a new machine running a fresh install of macOS. It installs and configures the software, dotfiles, and general preferences I use for web development — primarily Ruby/Rails and Node.js. The command line environment is based on Zsh (via Oh-My-Zsh), Vim/Neovim and Tmux running in iTerm2 or Terminal.app. Reboot, check for additional updates, then reinstall, reboot if needed.

zshrc - :memo: Zsh Configuration for nerds with oh-my-zsh

  •    Shell

This Zsh configuration is written by posquit0 to improve the environment in Zshell. If you have any questions, feel free to join me at #posquit0 on Freenode and ask away. Click here to connect.

jira.plugin.zsh - CLI support for JIRA & Git interaction

  •    Shell

Note: This plugin based on the official Oh-My-ZSH Jira plugin maintained by tresni. But it can recognize an issue code in a current Git branch name. See below for more information. This plugin provides command line tools for interacting with Atlassian's JIRA bug tracking software.

solarized-powerline - Solarized powerline style theme for zsh

  •    Shell

Forked from agnoster's theme and influenced by maverick2000's theme and iijeremyFreeAgent's theme. Note: To avoid too many levels of symbolic links, you may need to use absolute target in ln -s.

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