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oh-my-fish - The Fishshell Framework.

  •    Shell

Oh My Fish provides core infrastructure to allow you to install packages which extend or modify the look of your shell. It's fast, extensible and easy to use.

fzf.fish - Augment your fish command line with fzf key bindings.

  •    Shell

Augment your Fish command line with mnemonic key bindings to efficiently find what you need using fzf. The prompt used in the screencasts was created using IlanCosman/tide.

brew-completions - 🐟Fish shell completions for 🍺Homebrew

  •    Shell

Fish shell completions for Homebrew. It is mostly based on the Homebrew documentation: manpage + brew help, but it also includes several "undocumented" commands, supported by Homebrew.

fish_logo - Fish-shell colorful ASCII-art logo

  •    Shell

This plugin adds a function to print out the fish-shell ASCII-art logo. And it's customizable! See Usage and Examples. Colors are any valid arguments of the set_color command: named colors, 3 or 6 hex digits. Named colors are autocompleted.

fish-pkg-git - This plugin adds many useful git aliases and functions for fish shell

  •    Shell

Git alias plugin for Wahoo/Oh My Fish - Inspire based [oh-my-zsh/plugins/git][omz-p-git-link]. See the Source for a list of aliases and functions provided by the plugin.

plugin-git - Oh My Fish Git Plugin (similar to oh-my-zsh plugin)

  •    Shell

A git aliases plugin for Oh My Fish based loosely on the Oh My Zsh Git Plugin.

colored_man_pages.fish - Fish shell plugin to colorize man pages

  •    Shell

A plugin for the fish-shell. This plugin installs a fish function wrapper around man that colorizes styled text (specifically underlined, bold, and standout) to make browsing man pages easier and more enjoyable.

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