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  •    C++

Simple Audio Game System written with OpenAL to be used with Ogre3D.

Framework for Playstation Move on PC (Windows)


This framework gives you the possibility to use the Playstation Move on PC (Windows only). With the Calibration Tool you can calibrate your device, so the framework can track it very accurate. You can test it as well with Calibration Tool. With the Move Framework, you ca...

ember - The main client for the Worldforge MMORPG system.

  •    C++

Ember is the client for the WorldForge virtual world system. It can be used for playing and exploring as well as authoring. That means that if you're a player who wants to explore a virtual world hosted by a Worldforge server, this is the client for you. And if you're a world builder who wants to build your own world, this is also the client for you.

mogre - Mogre for Ogre3D 2.0

  •    C++

This repository contains new PInvoke based Mogre (Managed Ogre) on Ogre3D version 2.0.

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