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neo4j-ogm - Java Object-Graph Mapping Library for Neo4j

  •    Java

Annotation based Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j Server with Repository and Conversion support

neode - Neo4j OGM for Node JS

  •    Javascript

Neode is a Neo4j OGM for Node JS designed to take care of the CRUD boilerplate involved with setting up a neo4j project with Node. Just install, set up your models and go. To initiate Neode in enterprise mode and enable enterprise features, provide a true variable as the fourth parameter.

neo4j-ogm-university - Example Project for Neo4j OGM

  •    Javascript

This demo web application shows developers how to quickly get started with the Neo4j OGM library and Neo4j graph database. For the Spring Framework version of this application please check out SDN University. Hilly Fields Technical College is a fictitious educational institution. This application allows you to manage its departments, teaching staff, subjects, students and classes.

OGMNeo - Neo4j nodeJS OGM(object-graph mapping) abstraction layer

  •    Javascript

Abstract some trivial operations on the Neo4j driver for Nodejs and make the use simpler. That's why we created OGMNeo. OGMNeo connects using the neo4j bolt protocol.

neo4j-php-ogm - Neo4j Object Graph Mapper for PHP

  •    PHP

The new documentation is available on ReadTheDocs. Some parts from the old documentation might be still missing.