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Active Statement Generator (moved to activestatement project)

!!!! Unfortunately, I must have made something really bad to the Team Foundation Server project, because I started having problems with semi-disappearing files on the server. I chose to move the files to the activestatement project !!!! I'm using this project both to handle a...

ofxgo - Golang library for querying and parsing OFX

OFXGo is a library for querying OFX servers and/or parsing the responses. It also provides an example command-line client to demonstrate the use of the library.The main purpose of this project is to provide a library to make it easier to query financial information with OFX from the comfort of Golang, without having to marshal/unmarshal to SGML or XML. The library does not intend to abstract away all of the details of the OFX specification, which would be difficult to do well. Instead, it exposes the OFX SGML/XML hierarchy as structs which mostly resemble it. Its primary goal is to enable the creation of other personal finance software in Go (as it was created to allow me to fetch OFX transactions for my own project, MoneyGo).

ofxSocketIO - ofx addons that wraps socket.io-client-cpp for OF

ofxSocketIO is an ofxaddon that wraps socket.io-client-cpp. It is still under active development. ofxSocketIO provides the compiled libraries for osx and linux64 out of the box. If you have to compile socket.io-client-cpp yourself, follow the installation instructions.

barclayscrape - A small app to programmatically mainpulate Barclays online banking

Where otp is your PINSentry one-time password. Finally, you can log non-interactively, by also passing a pre-configured memorable password and 5 digit passcode.

node-ofx - Parse OFX files into a usable data structure for Node.js.

Parse Open Financial Exchange (OFX) files into a usable data structure. Serialize objects into OFX file format. This file format is yucky, horrible and just silly. This module helps parse the ones I know about. And it doesn't do it in a nice way either. It may or may not work for your own use - only by trying it will you find out.