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nativescript-mapbox - :statue_of_liberty: :tokyo_tower: :mount_fuji: Native OpenGL powered Maps, by Mapbox

  •    TypeScript

Plugin version 4.2.0 requires iOS 9 or higher. Need to target a lower iOS version? Use a lower plugin version. You need a Mapbox API access token (they have a 🆓 Starter plan!), so sign up with Mapbox. Once you've registered go to your Account > Apps > New token. The 'Default Secret Token' is what you'll need.

mapbook-wpf - Offline Mapbook example app built with WPF and the ArcGIS .NET Runtime SDK

  •    CSharp

This Offline Mapbook repo is a Visual Studion 2015 Project that can be directly cloned and imported into Visual Studio 2015 or higher. Fork the Offline Mapbook WPF repo.

mapbook-ios - Offline Mapbook example app built with ArcGIS iOS Runtime SDK

  •    Swift

This repo is home to the mobile mapbook app, an example application using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS. Replace the paper maps you use for field work with offline maps. The project also demonstrates some patterns for building real-world apps around the ArcGIS Runtime SDK.

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