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node-oracledb - Oracle Database driver for Node.js maintained by Oracle Corp.

  •    Javascript

The node-oracledb add-on for Node.js powers high performance Oracle Database applications. Use node-oracledb to connect Node.js 4, 6, 8 and 9 to Oracle Database.

faunadb-js - Node

  •    Javascript

A Javascript driver for FaunaDB. View reference JSDocs here.

seneca-amqp-transport - Official AMQP transport plugin for Seneca

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows seneca listeners and clients to communicate over AMQP.Important: Starting from 2.2.0 this plugin will require the usage of the --harmony flag in order to run in node versions older than LTS (currently 6.x.x).

thrust-platform - 1980s physics blaster "Thrust" inspired game platform

  •    Javascript

Game engine for creating thrust-a-likes... Physics blasters which require brains. Inspired and heavily copied from BBC Micro and Commodore 64 game "Thrust" by Jeremy Smith. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrust_(video_game).

SimilarWebApi - Official SimilarWeb API PHP Client

  •    PHP

SimilarWeb is a project created by SimilarGroup company. It collects and provides access to various website analytics. This is a PHP library implementing easy access to their API. If you want to know what changed in each version please refer to CHANGELOG file in the root of this repository.

std-pkg - The Official package.json Standard™ for Npm® endorsed fields

  •    Javascript

This is useful if you're writing tooling around package.json and want to make sure you are following the Official NPM package.json Standard™. Read index.js and test.js for valid values for each field.

linode_api4-python - Official Python bindings for the Linode API

  •    Python

The official python library for the Linode API v4 in python. This library is currently in beta.

cbf-clean - Citizen reporting web app for Clean the Bay Day (CBF.org/clean), Meteor.js, @BretFisher

  •    HTML

Clean the Bay Day (Chesapeake Bay) reporting app and live stats single-page-app. More details on Meteor below, but we deploy this site to test and production URLs with meteor deploy. Contact Bret below if you'd like deploy access through our Meteor Org.

hercules - "Hercules": Hampton Roads Quality of Life Service

  •    PHP

HRQLS is a data analytics project to help citizens get facts and make decisions by layering various data points on maps. It's an expirement on pulling together various demographics, city data sets, and other local data layers to see if new insights can be gained from seeing it mashed together. The project was the Best In Show winner at the fall 2015 Hack to Help Hampton Roads hackathon, organized by Dominion Enterprises & Code for Hampton Roads. DE donated $15,000 to Code for America to help usher this project into a useful production system.

hrt-bus-api - API and Map app that transform, store, and expose HRT Bus data through a RESTful HTTP endpoint

  •    Javascript

HRT Bus API publishes real time bus data from Hampton Roads Transit through an application programming interface for developers to make apps from it. HRT Bus API consists of Python scripts and a Flask app that transform, store, and expose HRT Bus data through a RESTful API. API's don't make for good demos, so we've created an HRT Bus Finder App.

hrt-bus-finder - Web app for the HRT bus API, GitHub Pages, @bschoenfeld and @wbprice

  •    Javascript

The HRT Bus Finder is the front end / proof-of-concept to the hrt-bus-api. The live demo can be found here: http://hrtb.us. The hrt-bus-api is a mash-up of two sources provided by Hampton Roads Transport (HRT). Their bus scheduling information, which is published to General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and their in-transit routing information which is provided via an alternate source. These two sets of data are pulled into the API and processed, allowing en-route bus tracking.

localart - An HTML5 mobile app for navigating & browsing locations of public art, architecture, and culture in Norfolk, VA

  •    Javascript

A demo of an HTML5 mobile app to show how a citizen could navigate and browse locations of public art, architecture, and culture in her or his local city. Generate documentation with yuidoc ..

norfolk-flood-maps - Norfolk GIS Flood data

  •    Javascript

These maps are precalculated from collected city data over a three year span.

okcandidate-platform - Don’t go to the polls alone. Find your OKCandidate.

  •    Javascript

A comprehensive refactor of OKCandidate based on feedback from users and our partners at the Virginian-Pilot. In a development environment, some records are generated automatically.

okcandidate-v1 - A platform for matching candidates with voters.

  •    Javascript

OK Candidate is a web app for matching voters with candidates for local offices. Most people don’t know their candidates for local offices. Publishing voter guides is laborious and most voters are not going to take the time to read them. Even the most engaged voters have difficulty determining which candidates to support for some local offices.

open-health-inspection-api - The API for the Open Health Inspection app

  •    Python

The API for the Open Health Inspection app. This API provides an interface to a MongoDB containing data from the Virginia Department of Health on inspections of food service facilities. Data is returned via JSON. To get the current list of routes make a call to the root URL.

open-health-inspection-app - The frontend for Code for Hampton Roads' Open Health Inspection Data.

  •    Javascript

The reference app built against Code for Hampton Roads' Open Health Inspection API. Built using AngularJS. Open Health Inspection allows users to quickly find health inspection information for their favorite restaurants. Grunt is being used to run a local hosting environment, which opens a browser and watches the project folder for changes.

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