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Mini SQL Query

Mini SQL Query is a minimalist SQL query tool for multiple databases (MSSQL, MSSQL CE, SQLite, OLEDB, MS Access/Excel files etc). The tool uses a generic schema engine taking advantage of the ADO.NET providers. Mini SQL Query is also easily extended with plugins.


Developed in C# for .NET 4.0 , LinqToOdbc seeks to simplify access to Odbc-based datasources via Linq queries. Refer to Documentation and source code unit test for more information and sample usage.

aioodbc - aioodbc - is a library for accessing a ODBC databases from the asyncio

aioodbc is Python 3.5+ module that makes possible accessing ODBC databases with asyncio. It is rely on awesome pyodbc library, preserve same look and feel. aioodbc was written async/await syntax (PEP492) thus not compatible with Python older then 3.5. Internally aioodbc employ threads to avoid blocking the event loop, btw threads are not that bad as you think, other drivers like motor use same approach.aioodbc fully compatible and tested with uvloop. Take a look on a test suite, all tests are executed with both: default and uvloop.