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crossroads.js - JavaScript Routes

  •    Javascript

Crossroads.js is a routing library inspired by URL Route/Dispatch utilities present on frameworks like Rails, Pyramid, Django, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc... It parses a string input and decides which action should be executed by matching the string against multiple patterns.If used properly it can reduce code complexity by decoupling objects and also by abstracting navigation paths.

js-signals - Custom Event/Messaging system for JavaScript inspired by AS3-Signals

  •    Javascript

Custom event/messaging system for JavaScript inspired by AS3-Signals.For a more in-depth introduction read the JS-Signals Project Page and visit the links below.

RxSwift - Reactive Programming in Swift

  •    Swift

Rx is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through Observable<Element> interface.This is a Swift version of Rx.

final-form - 🏁 Framework agnostic, high performance, subscription-based form state management

  •    Javascript

In the interest of making 🏁 Final Form the best library it can be, we'd love your thoughts and feedback. Take a quick survey.

laravel-auditing - Record the change log from models in Laravel

  •    PHP

This package will help you understand changes in your Eloquent models, by providing information about possible discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate business concerns or suspect activities. Laravel Auditing allows you to keep a history of model changes by simply using a trait. Retrieving the audited data is straightforward, making it possible to display it in various ways.

mobx-react-lite - Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8 and Hooks

  •    TypeScript

This is a next iteration of mobx-react coming from introducing React hooks which simplifies a lot of internal workings of this package. Class based components are not supported except using <Observer> directly in class render method. If you want to transition existing projects from classes to hooks (as most of us do), you can use this package alongside the mobx-react just fine. The only conflict point is about the observer HOC. Subscribe to this issue for a proper migration guide.

on-change - Watch an object or array for changes

  •    Javascript

It works recursively, so it will even detect if you modify a deep property like obj.a.b[0].c = true.Uses the Proxy API.


  •    Javascript

This plugin is currently being rewritten. If you are looking for the old version, look at the 1.1.1 tag. Live Query has been rewritten in version 2 to utilize DOM Mutation Observers or fallback to DOM Mutation Events. This covers a nice range of modern browsers and IE9 up. If you need to support less than IE9 then it will fallback to using behaviors to be notified of added and removed elements. This requires setting the $.livequery.htcPath so that it can load the included behavior file.

observer_cli - Visualize Erlang/Elixir Nodes On The Command Line

  •    Erlang

Visualize Erlang/Elixir Nodes On The Command Line base on recon. Document in detail. ❗️ ensure observer_cli application been loaded on target node.

emittery - Simple and modern async event emitter

  •    Javascript

It's only ~200 bytes minified and gzipped. I'm not fanatic about keeping the size at this level though.Emitting events asynchronously is important for production code where you want the least amount of synchronous operations.

MinPubSub - 0.1kb publish/subscribe messaging micro-framework

  •    Javascript

A micro publish/subscribe messaging framework, weighing in at only 198 bytes gzipped. Created by rewriting Peter Higgins' jQuery plugin, MinPubSub is completely self contained with no external dependencies. Keep your projects loosely coupled with this powerful design pattern. Also available on NPM and Bower. If you don't want these methods added to the window object simply modify the immediate function to pass in the JavaScript object of your choosing.

SignalKit - SignalKit is a reactive Swift framework with focus on clean and readable API.

  •    Swift

SignalKit is a lightweight event and binding framework. The core of SignalKit is the Observable protocol. Each implementation of the Observable protocol defines the type of the observation thus an Observable can sendNext only one type of event. For example an Observable of type String can only sendNext String values. Another key protocol is SignalType which implements Observable and Disposable. Each SignalType implementation has a property disposableSource: Disposable? which points to a Disposable that comes before the current signal.

observer - CommonJS Implementation of the Observer Pattern

  •    Javascript

An implementation of the observer design pattern.

CompoundSignal - Special Signal type used to listen for multiple Signals dispatches

  •    Javascript

CompoundSignal works like a group of signals which should be dispatched automatically after all the signals contained by the group are dispatched. Arguments are passed to listeners as Arrays on the same order as the signals were passed on the constructor.If loaded using an AMD loader (e.g. RequireJS) or inside nodejs it will return the constructor and also add itself to the signals object (to keep consistency with browser environment).

redux-watch - Watch/observe/monitor Redux store state changes

  •    Javascript

Watch/observe Redux store state changes.Redux provides you with a subscribe() method so that you can be notified when the state changes. However, it does not let you know what changed. redux-watch will let you know what changed.

eventify - Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events

  •    Javascript

A 3.19 kB (1.4K gzipped) browser ready version is available on the dist/ folder. Copies the methods on, off and trigger to the destination object, and returns the destination object.

asEvented - Micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object.

  •    Javascript

asEvented is a micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object. It works in the browser and server (node.js). The code follows a functional mixins pattern described by Angus Croll a-fresh-look-at-javascript-mixins.

wrist - Minimalistic utility for generic one/two ways data bindings.

  •    HTML

An easy way to bind or react to properties change. It also works with input elements and their value, checked, or disabled too.

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