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swift-observables-example - Observable Pattern implementation in Swift.

  •    Swift

This is my blog article An Observable Pattern Implementation in Swift implemented as a literate program in a Swift playground. If the Markdown is not rendering, click Editor and then Show Rendered Markdown.

rxjs-extra - Collection of extra RxJS 5 operators

  •    TypeScript

Feel free to experiment with demos in the /demo directory. Operator that stores and replays its cached value for a period of time.

ylem - Add Observable View-Models to React components

  •    Javascript

The primordial matter of the universe from which all matter is said to be derived, believed to be composed of neutrons at high temperature and density. Extend ylem's Component - this.state is observable, no more .setState(). Read more here.

electron-RxDB - RxDB is a high-performance, observable object store built on top of SQLite & intended for database-driven Electron applications

  •    Javascript

RxDB is a high-performance, observable object store built on top of SQLite. RxDB draws inspiration from CoreData and Relay and is intended for database-driven Electron applications. It was originally built for the Nylas N1 mail client. View the API Reference on GitHub Pages.

react-combinators - Seamless combination of React and reactive programming

  •    Javascript

Seamless combination of React and reactive programming with (RxJs / Kefir / Bacon.js). Higher order component that "wraps" the observables from its children and returns a virtual dom element that gets updated by changes in any of its child elements. Combinator components should be used at the top-level of your React component.

pond - State aware Elixir functions without spawning processes

  •    Elixir

Pond is an Elixir library for creating state handling functions without spawning processes. Pond functions are same-process, referentially transparent functions, that let you implement Finite State Machines, Generators, (push/pull) Reactive Streams.

ObserverPattern - Basic Java observer API

  •    Java

This repository contains a generic definition of the observer pattern for Java. Currently Java only contains the java.util.Observable class that is part since Java 1 and it's functionality and API don't use modern Java languages features and APIs like generics, functional interfaces or Optional. In additional this API will become deprecated in Java 9. Based on this it's quite hard to work with this implementation and mostly all modern Java framework don't use it. Instead custom implementations of the observer pattern can be found in mostly all frameworks. Even in JavaSE you can find custom implementations of the pattern as the JavaFX properties (see javafx.beans.Observable). Based on this distribution it's quite hard to understand the differences of all the implementations and combine several of them in a single project.

game-music-player - All your music are belong to us

  •    TypeScript

A open-source music player that uses the latest 🔥 web technology. A playlist I enjoyed a lot to listen to during work (read more in the credits section) inspired me to start this project. This way it can be extended and improved while experimenting latest techs and learn from it. Would be great if this project can grow to a well implemented PWA built with Ionic that does one thing well and decreases the gap for other developers to start/bootstrap their own.

toy-rx - A tiny implementation of RxJS that actually works, for learning

  •    Javascript

A tiny implementation of RxJS that actually works, for learning. See? It fit easily in a README and you weren't scared of looking at it even though it's source code. That was index.js.

async-done - Allows libraries to handle various caller provided asynchronous functions uniformly

  •    Javascript

Allows libraries to handle various caller provided asynchronous functions uniformly. Maps promises, observables, child processes and streams, and callbacks to callback style. As async conventions evolve, it is useful to be able to deal with several different styles of async completion uniformly. With this module you can handle completion using a node-style callback, regardless of a return value that's a promise, observable, child process or stream.

rxjs-websockets - A very flexible and simple websocket library for rxjs

  •    TypeScript

An rxjs websocket library with a simple and flexible implementation. Supports the browser and node.js. messages is a cold observable, this means the websocket connection is attempted lazily when a subscription is made to the messages observable. Advanced users of this library will find it important to understand the distinction between hot and cold observables, for most it will be sufficient to use the share operator as shown in the Angular example below.

inferno-most-fp-demo - A demo for the ReactJS Tampa Bay meetup showing how to build a React+Redux-like architecture from scratch using Inferno, Most

  •    Javascript

javascript: This branch uses a plain JS object to store the global app state. This is the default branch you will be on when first cloning the repository. There is no master branch. mori: This branch uses a mori hashMap (an immutable & persistent data structure) to store the global app state. mori is similar to immutable-js, but features a more functional API & better performance.


  •    Javascript

npm run cover:show will open the test coverage web page. npm run cover:watch will watch for coverage changes generated by nyc and regenerate new cover web files.

rxios - A RxJS wrapper for axios

  •    TypeScript

Rxios makes the awesome axios library reactive, so that it's responses are returned as RxJS observables. Regular promises are cool, especially for HTTP requests in async/await functions.

rxjs-worker - Standard rxjs operators built to run in web workers

  •    Javascript

Standard rxjs operators built to run in web workers

graphql-rxjs - fork of Graphql which adds Observable support

  •    Javascript

fork of graphql-js which adds AsyncIterator & Observable support (RxJs). The package is pretty small because it is importing the original graphql-js package, and then patches it to provide a reactive execution engine over it.

symbol-observable - Symbol.observable ponyfill

  •    Javascript

You can do something like what you see below to make any object "observable" by libraries like RxJS, XStream and Most.js. Often, it's not very hard, but it can get tricky in some cases.

Angular-NodeJS-MongoDB-CustomersService - Code for the Integrating Angular with Node

  •    TypeScript

This is code used in the Integrating Angular with Node.js RESTful Services course available at Pluralsight.com.

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