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RxPHP - Reactive extensions for PHP

  •    PHP

Reactive extensions for PHP. The reactive extensions for PHP are a set of libraries to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections and LINQ-style query operators in PHP.note: This repo is for v2.x, the latest version of RxPHP, not v1.x.

callbag-basics - 👜 Tiny and fast reactive/iterable programming library

  •    Javascript

Basic callbag factories and operators to get started with. Callbag is just a spec, but callbag-basics is a real library you can use. Imagine a hybrid between an Observable and an (Async)Iterable, that's what callbags are all about. In addition, the internals are tiny because it's all done with a few simple callbacks, following the callbag spec. As a result, it's tiny and fast.

example-app - Example app showcasing the ngrx platform

  •    TypeScript

Example application utilizing @ngrx libraries, showcasing common patterns and best practices. Take a look at the live app. This app is a book collection manager. Using the Google Books API, the user can search for books and add them to their collection. This application utilizes @ngrx/db to persist the collection across sessions; @ngrx/store to manage the state of the app and to cache requests made to the Google Books API; @angular/router to manage navigation between routes; @ngrx/effects to isolate side effects.

platform - Reactive libraries for Angular

  •    TypeScript

Become a sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site. Please read contributing guidelines here.

mobx-react-lite - Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8 and Hooks

  •    TypeScript

This is a next iteration of mobx-react coming from introducing React hooks which simplifies a lot of internal workings of this package. Class based components are not supported except using <Observer> directly in class render method. If you want to transition existing projects from classes to hooks (as most of us do), you can use this package alongside the mobx-react just fine. The only conflict point is about the observer HOC. Subscribe to this issue for a proper migration guide.

RxJs Marbles- Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables

  •    Javascript

A webapp for experimenting with diagrams of Rx Observables, for learning purposes. This is a Cycle.js app. It helps to visualize example diagrams for each operator in Rx. Drag an item ("marble") on an Observable to see how the operator reacts.

AngularAI - Angular 5 AI (Speech works only in localhost)

  •    TypeScript

A small AI application containing Angular 5, Material and Dialogflow.Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Feel free to place an issue.

alfred-rxjs - Search through the RxJS documentation

  •    Javascript

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.In Alfred, type rxjs, Enter, and your query.

obsify - Observableify a callback-style function

  •    Javascript

Callback-style function or module whose methods you want to observableify.Methods in a module to observableify. Remaining methods will be left untouched.

basic-streams - [WIP] Very basic reactive streams implementation for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

In process of becoming production ready. Not usable currently.The main idea is to take the most basic definition of Stream possible, and build functions to do generic operations with that streams. In basic-streams Stream is just a function that accepts subscriber and must return function to unsubscribe.

awesome-observables - Awesome Observable related stuff - An Observable is a collection that arrives over time


An Observable is a collection that arrives over time. Observables can be used to model push-based data sources such as events, timer intervals, asynchronous requests, and animations. Observables can be transformed, combined, and consumed using array-like methods.You might also like awesome-nodejs.

ogen - Write synchronous looking code & mix synchronous & asynchronous results using generators & observables

  •    Javascript

An observable version of async/await using regular generators. Short for (O)bservable (Gen)erator.Write asynchronous code that looks synchronous, then tame your yielded values with observable methods like .map(), .filter(), .take(), .zip(), .skip(), etc...

rx-sandbox - Marble diagram DSL based test suite for RxJS 5

  •    TypeScript

RxSandbox is test suite for RxJS 5, based on marble diagram DSL for easier assertion around Observables.In RxSandbox, Observable is represented via marble diagram. Marble syntax is a string represents events happening over virtual time so called as frame.

rxjs-testscheduler-compat - RxJS v4 TestScheduler interface for RxJS v5

  •    TypeScript

rxjs-testscheduler-compat provides RxJS v4's test scheduler interface to v5 version of RxJS allows to migrate existing test cases with minimum effort as well as writing new test cases for certain cases.You can import TestScheduler and other helpers to create test cases.

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