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object-explorer - 🔥 A resource to help figure out what JavaScript object method would be best to use at any given time

  •    Javascript

When I was first learning object methods, I spent a lot of time digging through the docs to find the appropriate one, and I had to search one by one. I made this resource to help people find the correct object method a bit more naturally. You can narrow down what you want to do and explore until you find what's most useful to you. I realize that there are about a million ways that this resource can be set up, and some of the taxonomy is necessarily opinionated. I tried to focus on what I thought would have helped me learn the best, rather than industry standard delineations. If that style of learning suits you better, that's great! This resource is not set up that way. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be as comprehensive or a replacement for full documentation, which is why the MDN docs are linked to in each method.

data-transfer-object - Data transfer objects with batteries included

  •    PHP

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humps - 🐫 Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript. When converting object keys, it will walk the structure, converting any nested objects (or arrays of nested objects) along the way. Handy for converting JSON between JavaScript and Ruby/Rails APIs.

pico - Pixel Intensity Comparison-based Object detection

  •    C

The pico framework is a modifcation of the standard Viola-Jones method. The basic idea is to scan the image with a cascade of binary classifers at all reasonable positions and scales. An image region is classifed as an object of interest if it successfully passes all the members of the cascade. Each binary classifier consists of an ensemble of decision trees with pixel intensity comparisons as binary tests in their internal nodes. This enables the detector to process image regions at very high speed.

node-canvas-lambda-deps - Node Canvas AWS Lambda dependencies i

  •    Javascript

Node Canvas AWS Lambda dependencies i.e. compiled shared object files for Cairo, Pixman, libpng, libjpeg etc.

tween-ticker - a generic tween ticker engine

  •    Javascript

A generic low-level ticker for tweening engines. Stacks tweens and then, on each tick, steps through them to update them to their interpolated (and eased) values.Does not assume any standard set of eases, and uses linear (i.e. no ease) by default.

agile - Like Underscore, but with zero callbacks and really more fun, v0.0.2

  •    Javascript

(2) Add to your project: For the Browser: Include agile.js (or agile.min.js) in your index.html.

odotjs - A prototypal OO library for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A prototypal object library that makes it easy to create objects or factories with a predefined prototype, instance members, and even data privacy and initialization. A flexible alternative to class-based systems that exposes, rather than obscures JavaScript's prototypal nature.odotjs is still very new and the API could change. Make sure that your project's tests still pass when you upgrade to a new version.

chai-shallow-deep-equal - Shallow deep equal for chai

  •    Javascript

Will shallowly perform a deep equal assertion. In other terms is consist of checking that an object, or objects graph, is contained within another one (see examples bellow).

barman - Barman is a small library to brew JavaScript objects

  •    Javascript

Barman is a small library to brew JavaScript objects. It simplifies the definition of objects using single-inheritance and traits like composition.

node-json-hash - JSON hash

  •    Javascript

Generates hash for JSON objects. We're compatible with browserify by using a JavaScript implementation of SHA1.

gander - A JavaScript function timing library and so much more

  •    Javascript

Gander, in its most basic form, wraps itself around functions to provide execution times. Times are provided in sub-milliseconds when the precision is available (process.hrtime, performance.now) and milliseconds when not. Generally, though, gander exposes callbacks that are invoked before and after a function is called so that you can perform thorough investigations and/or mad science.

rhaboo - Persistent JavaScript Objecs

  •    Javascript

Please star the repo if you use it - Thx. Thanks to brasofilo for the logo.

cycloneJS - A pure-JS adaptation of the W3C's Structured Cloning Algorithm

  •    Javascript

Cyclone is an attempt to implement an adaptation of the HTML5 Structured Cloning Algorithm. This module exposes a single object, CY, into the global scope when used within browsers. A client can then use this module's clone method to perform clone operations.

chai-json-schema - Chai plugin for JSON Schema v4

  •    Javascript

Chai plugin with assertions to validate values against JSON Schema v4. Assert both simple values and complex objects with the rich collection of validation terms (examples).

tiny-types - A tiny library that brings Tiny Types to JavaScript and TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

TinyTypes is an npm module that makes it easy for TypeScript and JavaScript projects to give domain meaning to primitive types. It also helps to avoid all sorts of bugs and makes your code easier to refactor. Learn more. API documentation is available at jan-molak.github.io/tiny-types/.

simple-storage - Simple localStorage / sessionStorage supporting objects and arrays

  •    TypeScript

Store strings and objects to local or session storage. Falls back to storing data in memory if run on platforms where the Storage API is unavailable (such as node). Licensed under the MIT license.

node-jpath - Node.js jPath

  •    Javascript

Utility library to help you traverse and filter out data from complex JSON and or Arrays of objects. The strength of this library lies in ability to use XPath-like expressions to retrieve data you need. Because we're dealing with javascript, I felt that syntax should inherit some of that syntactical sugar that we're all used to when coding JavaScript and that is why the pattern syntax uses dots(.) instead of slashes. One thing that jPath lacks in comparisson with XPath is ability to look for conditions "anywhere" within a structure (i.e. //foo), this operation is just too expensive.

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